peugeot 306 dt 1997 timing - kyle richmond
I have currently done the head gasket and the stem seals and decoke, but when i have timed the engine up it appears now to puff clouds of black smoke, could the timing be out a tooth, i remember i had an astra td with this, and it turned our it was a cuple of teeth out, would it produce all the smoke, another thing is on the fuel pump there are 3 holes in which a bolt can be screwed into to lock the camshaft which one do i use left right or middle?
peugeot 306 dt 1997 timing - dieselhead
In the fuel pump two locking bolts are used (approx 2 and 5 o'clock i think). Are you sure that the locking bolt engaged in the flywheel properly and all valves have some clearance ?
peugeot 306 dt 1997 timing - DL
The XUD engine is one of the nest/easiest for belt/cam timing, three 8*50 M* bolts required plus the flywheel pin.

I'm sure Kyle would have got that correct.
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