Lost My Key! - rogerb
I have just lost my Focus key, and my Ford garage say it's only £100 for a replacement - aaaarrrgh! Fortunately I have a (non-plip) spare, or it would have been MUCH more.

Can anyone suggest a (serious!) alternative?
I am, of course, delaying finding it until JUST after getting a replacement ;-)

(Replacing my 2 house locks & keys cost a mere £113, AND my insurance will pay, with no excess!)
Re: Lost My Key! - DieselDave
You may be able to get a Casio Watch which learns Infra red codes - these are about 50 Quid - will only work If you can program the watch with a key and they are not 'rolling' codes - VWs are - I suppose in your case you have a spare 'plip' key - otherwise you have had it I'm afraid.
Re: Lost My Key! - crazed idiot
fleet garages such as BT's own have the gear to do this themselves, it is apparently much cheaper than main dealers...

so you would have thought some enterprising spark would buy the gear and undercut the main dealers...
Re: Lost My Key! - David W
Are you really sure you lost it. If the car isn't there one day you'll know where the key went!

Lost plips - David Lacey
No alternative I'm afraid Rog.

Just bite the bullet and get a new plip key!

Plip programming and supply is a good part of our core business.

Re: Lost plips - rogerb
Thanks, folks, it was worth a try.
Now I have to ask myself whether I trust the keycode on my invoice, or have to drive 12 miles ew to my 'local' garage, to have my spare (non-plip) 'interrogated' !
Re: Lost plips - Honest John
Use Yellow Pages and check whether any local locksmiths have the cutting and re-coding kit for these keys.

Re: Lost plips - rogerb
Thanks, but I'd JUST ordered my new key, from my Ford garage :-(

There probably isn't anything so sophisticated in MK, anyway :-)

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