Reversing sensor - comments? - THe Growler
My local car accessory supermarket has a new item, a rear view mirror replacement which has a digital readout reversing sensor in it, i.e. in metres, plus a warning device.

It could be very useful for someone like me who is the world's worst reverser but it is quite expensive and I am wondering whether anyone else has come across such a device and if so what their opinion is.
Reversing sensor - comments? - ajit
Whatever you get in PHP we get in India, not sure about the mirror one, I got one fitted to my Honda City with 4 sensors for less than 100 quid (and to thing merc/ bmw charge 500 quid for the same thing. It works very well as long as you use your mirrors to check for things at corners )
Reversing sensor - comments? - Sooty Tailpipes
My car didn't have them, but I bought a BREES kit (well respected name) off ebay for £30 odd. As I was having a new rear bumper at the time, and so they could be colour coded and fitted while the bumper was off, the result was a perfect factory look, but alas, I don't find it that useful, as I can't trust it as much as my own judgement. Also, it can be set off by things which are close but at the side, such as when reversing back into a gap between two cars, one ends up 6" from the side of the rear bumper, and you can see it clearly in the side mirror, but the things wil beep continuously and say 0m. Maybe the ones fitted at the factory are better? I would be interested in people's views.
Reversing sensor - comments? - Ivor E Tower
I've got factory-fit sensors front and rear on my Galaxy, and wouldn't want to attempt to park an MPV withouyt them! You do need to be able to park properly in the first place though - they won't tell you how close to the kerb you are. Try stick-on hemispherical mirrors on your door mirrors too.


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