Car tax when selling - Don Vito
I've got a car that I'm selling and want to declare it off the road to the DVLA so that I can transfer the tax to my new car. Does this prevent me from providing test drives to potential buyers or can I get away with it as dealers do?
Car tax when selling - Mapmaker
Dealers have trade plates, so aren't 'getting away with' anything.

You are thefore prevented from doing so.

But, who is going to catch you? The bobby on the beat? (Ha ha). The speed cameras? (Errr)

Make sure that the person coming to test drive your car is the one who drives it, and then it's his problem not yours. (See thread on crashed test-drive car.)

And take as many pinches of salt as you wish with the above.
Car tax when selling - Don Vito
Cheers Mapmaker - I thought I might have to just blag it and I'll certainly make sure that it'll be the potential buyer who does the driving.
Car tax when selling - Mapmaker
I most certainly did not suggest that you should blag it, nor that you should take your SORNed vehicle onto the road!
Car tax when selling - Dwight Van Driver
You are the Registered Keeper of the vehicle.

You have surrendered the Excise Licence for refund.

You are declaring SORN on the vehicle.

You are using for test drives.

1. You remain responsible for the vehicle as Registered Keeper until sold.

2, Whilst Licence duty will have been paid to end of the month (surrender values only deal in months not days), use on the road by Reg Keeper/Potential buyer if driver, will disclose offence of failing to display a current licence.

3, When SORN kicks in (at end of month) then use in the forthcoming month will dislose offences of no current licence and fail to display by the Reg Keeper/Potential Buyer.

As stated, garages get away with it because they have Trade Plates (a Licence in itself for universal use).

Car tax when selling - No Do$h
I think what we are trying to say is:

Don't do it!

Or if you do, don't post your tales of woe here. I mean, for the sake of £13.00 (one more month before your get a refund) you're prepared to risk a right kicking (technical term) at a time when VED avoidance is the cause celebre for your local constabulary?

Rather you than me.
Car tax when selling - Don Vito
Before I posted to (or found) this site I emailed the DVLA with my original question. I've received the reply this morning and found this line quite interesting:
"It may help you to know that you can drive your vehicle unlicensed on a public road so long as you are going to, or from, a pre-arranged test and you are insured for the journey."
Surprised the hell out of me!
Car tax when selling - Andrew-T
If you cash in your disc it is still valid (in theory) to the end of the month, so keep it on till the 28th anyway.
Car tax when selling - Dwight Van Driver
Thats a bit tight Andrew. If received say 2nd of month then they will not pay out for that month and only start from the following one.

Car tax when selling - Don Vito
Thanks for all your input chaps.
I think the simplest thing to do is just sell the motor with the tax on it and then I don't have to worry.
Car tax when selling - Mapmaker
You can wait until the 31st - it's the date you get it in the post.
Car tax when selling - Peter D
No it is not. It is the date DVLA stamp it on receipt. Regards Peter
Car tax when selling - Mapmaker
Tosh! :) My ducks are fully lined up, thank you.

V14 Refund application on return of a vehicle licence disc (I have one before me).

C How much refund will I get?

To get a refund for any one month, the licence must be posted to DVLA, Swansea before the first day of the month.
Car tax when selling - Andrew-T
As postmarks are nearly always illegible these days, I have asked the PO to datestamp over the seal of my envelope to DVLA before posting. That should be decent evidence.
Car tax when selling - Wales Forester
The aforementioned V14 is available as a PDF file on the DVLA website, just download it and print it off for convenience.


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