Cat 2 Immobilisers - peter
Has anyone experience of buying/installing? To be fitted to a
1987 Mk2 Golf GTI 8v.

Any recomendations? My insurer says 'fitted with' (I have a 30 day period of grace), do they always insist on a certificated installation? I am electronics competent so it will not be a problem to install provide instructions are adequate. Custom and practice are what I am missing.
If I had bought with it already installed I am not sure a cert would have been avaialble.
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - andy bairsto
When I had my porshe in the uk the insurance company wanted a thatcham approved installer to carry out the work plus the certificate .What difference it makes I do not know if they want to steel a car bad enough they will .Think youself lucky you do not have a shogun/pajero they are the vehicle most likely to be stolen and not recovered ,the Russian car mafia no good car
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - honest john
The Shogun/Pajero problem can't last long. Surely the bad guys must be moving on to black BMW X5s with blacked out windows. Nothing looks meaner.

Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - ladas are cool
if you go to yahoo auctions, then search for immobilisers, you can sometimes find brand new one going cheap, i got a toad immobiliser, rolling code, cat 2, brand new for £15 inc P&P.
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - Simon
It is almost certain that your insurer will insist on it being fitted by an approved installer and without it being installed by a recognised fitter you will not get a certificate.
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - Guy Lacey
A question right up my alley!

All my Golfs have had the Meta M36T immobiliser fitted (Cat 2) and sometimes backed up by a Clifford Concept 40 or 50 alarm. Most Golfs will have either Meta or Clifford.

The meta units have posed no problems and are robust and reliable. Not expensive either. I would go for a Clifford Virtual Key immobiliser if money no object, anyway, they are only around the £100-150 mark, fitted. With this u have no "key" to fiddle with it just acts via a "fob".

I wouldn't go for Foxguard, IMHO, if they are still around. They don't like the rain. Toad are quite a new name but popular with Golfs but I don't know enuff about them.
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - Guy Lacey
Oh, and you can't fit them yourself really. The insurers will require a certificate of installation by a competent workshop - even if this is by some 16 yr old HNC Electronics drop-out!
Re: Cat 2 Immobilisers - ladas are cool
what i did was buy a toad rolling code immobiliser off yahoo auctions for £15, and then got a local toad fitter to fit it for £60, so i got an immobiliser for £75 including fitting, and that included the certificate.

always go for a rolling code, as that means that the thief cant read the code with a device that reads them, the one i have has about 1 billion code combinations.

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