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My wife has an N reg Fiat Uno 1700 Diesel and it is getting through a set of glow plugs every couple of months/2000 miles. Can anyone explain why as it is getting very expensive. I have checked that the power goes off to the plugs after a few seconds but where do I go from here?
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In my experience this is often due to a poor spray pattern on the injectors. Quite possible at this age and I would assume 60,000 miles plus.

Also some makes of glowplugs last longer than others, I wonder which you are using.

How do you test for failed plugs?

Re: Fiat Uno Diesel Glow Plugs - Simon
Failed glow plugs can be found by removing the plugs after you have been cranking the engine for a while without the engine actually starting and looking to see if any of the glow plugs are wet from the diesel. If they are, that plug hasn't been operating.

Or take the glow plug out and place the body of it on the negative side of a 12v battery and attach the postive feed from the battery to then top of the glow plug. If it is working the element part of the plug will glow red.
Re: Fiat Uno Diesel Glow Plugs - David W

Thanks for the info.

I too test for resistance first and then remove the glowplugs and test on a good battery (like Simon). Sometimes this will show up a plug that'll look OK for resistance but isn't glowing properly.

Your mileage at 55,000 is a little low for poor injectors, but you may consider having them exchanged or serviced at a diesel fuel injection centre. They are not DIY serviceable I'm afraid.

Another point to consider is that injection pump triming can eat glowplugs if it is out. On a modern car the usual reason is to make a mistake in timing when the cambelt is replaced.

Any possibility of this in your case?

On the glowplug brand you should be OK with Champion but NGK and Beru are said to be better.

Some food for thought there.


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