Nissan Speedometer - John Davis
My Son's Nissan Prairie (1990) has a speedo which sometimes works but, mainly, wavers all over the place before settling down to some sort of speed indication. Could anyone kindly advise re this problem and where I should start on a repair ? I assume that the speedo is electronic as I cannot trace a drive cable. Where might the drive/pick up be for this type of speedo (auto gearbox)? Also, is the drive, at the speedo head, a magnetic disc which drags the needle round and could this be where the fault lies ? Any advice would be most welcome.
Re: Nissan Speedometer - Nick Ireland
In what we used to call 'The Olden Days' the problem you describe was sometimes caused by oil getting into the speedo head via the drive cable. If a 1990 Prairie has a mechanical drive this might be the problem. I do see that you say that you can't find a drive cable but electronic things tend to either work properly or not at all with nothing in between. Good luck!
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Saw this problem on a Mercedes owners club site either in the UK or states and it was a similiar problem on a 190E (I think) it had a electronic speedometer.

The cure was to take the speedo out and clean all parts of it with a cloth and the wipe clean the actual needle behind the glass.

Guy who tried it said it worked and its something to do with static build up on the indicator needle.

Worth a try and if it works you've got a very cheap repair.
Re: Nissan Speedometer - John Davis
Thanks Nick & John for your comments.

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