Still a bit bored - ROBIN
I know we've dealt with this before but I still disbelieve that the industrial chemists dont know about something I can put in my tank that doesnt have tell-tale dies in it that my deisel engine will fire,with or without additives,that avoids me contributing to the governments idle scrote subsidy scheme.
As I have previously observed,my heating oil appears to be clear,why cannot I therefore use it?
I'm not remotely concerned with legality,only checkability,I believe that any citizen has a right to avoid unreasonable taxation.
Re: Still a bit bored - THe Growler
Good on yer Robin.

Tax as practised by govt is theft, we have a moral entitlement to claw some back.

Let me know if you get anywhere.
Re: Still a bit bored - Andy
Stop whinging, its only fag money.
LPG - Guy Lacey
Convert your mota to LPG and then fill up from your propane tank in the garden - no tax there mate!
Re: Still a bit bored - spencer the artist
a friend of mine has a de-tuned (no idea what that means, but anyway) V8 landrover that will run on anything you put in it, as long as it is vaguely flammable. Only does about 2 miles a litre though. I even heard of army tanks that can run on flour, but that stretches credulity a bit far.

anything, and I mean anything that avoids tax, well, great.
Re: Still a bit bored - James
On the subject of fuel tax; has anyone tried to get the "road" tax back on petrol used in their lawn mover or boat (or any off-road petrol machine)? No chance I suspect.
Re: Still a bit bored - Alvin Booth
I think it depends which heating oil you have. 35 Second gas oil as used on industrial type boilers is the same as diesel. I don't know whether it has the lubricity required for your pump although this can be added.
However domestic oil boilers when I was fitting them was not 35 sec but something more akin to parrafin. I think it was rated at 28sec.
This is not suitable for a diesel engine.
have a look at your invoice what you are using or ask your supplier.
Re: Still a bit bored - ROBIN
Thanks Alvin,thats what I wanted to know!

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