85 toyota cellica - arleen
could someone tell me the name of this part????? a little square electrical box that plugs in to the distributer and connects to the coil.it sits on top of the coil.i have a 1985 toyota celeca.car wont crank,gets gas,just wont crank..someone told me this part might be the cause of it not cranking. anyone have any suggestions????? i understand this part is pretty expensive(400.00) is this true..thanks for your help
Re: 85 toyota cellica - honest john
Ignition amplifier?

Re: 85 toyota cellica - arleen
thanks alot...you always come thru....
85 toyota cellica - David Lacey
The Ignition Amplifier will not prevent the engine cranking.
Re: 85 toyota cellica - Mike Harvey
Arleen, Davids quite right, it will not be the amplifier. Try: Battery connections, starter motor, starter solenoid or wire, ignition switch. I think Toyotas have a main fusable link in the starter circuit aswell. If it's automatic, the inhibitor switch. I've also spent ages trouble shooting a car with an immobiliser which someone had switched on.........oops!

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