Spikes spider snow thingummies - teabelly
I found these and wondered whether they might be a good thing to have in the boot of the car during winter apart from a blanket, torch, emergency mars bar etc:

Has anyone else heard of these or used them?
Spikes spider snow thingummies - No Do$h
They cost over £200 (for the sport version anyway) and are only worth having if you can\'t fit normal snow chains.

I know this because the Alfa 156 with 205/55/16 wheels (most of them in other words) can\'t use normal chains due to the minimal clearance between the suspension and the tyre.

They work by fitting a hub adaptor over your wheelnuts that is left in place for the period you expect to use them (takes about 5 minutes per wheel, although once set up you can cut that to about 2-3 minutes). The \"spider\" is then clipped to the hub when needed and you drive forward about ten yards. This then pulls the chain onto the tyre.

If I could have usual chains or straps (ranging from £30-90 depending on quality and ease of use) I would have, but am stuck with these as the only (and expensive) solution. Had to get them as we drive down to the Alps once or twice each winter for skiing.

That aside, I would recommend that everyone living in parts of the country regularly subject to winter snowfall get a set of basic chains to keep in the car. Would make a huge difference to the hilarity usually witnessed out in the countryside when we have 3 inches of slush.....

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