leaking 205 - elrikos
does anyone have any experience of a 205 leaking into the rear footwells? My girlfriends car (1991 peugeot 205 grd with the vacuum operated sunroof) has started to leak into the footwells and the metal depression where the rear seats sit (i.e. making the rear seats completely s**den). The water seems to be leaking into both footwells pretty much evenly. In addition to this after leaving the car for some time and then driving it again, the handle which operatesthe sunroof mechinism starts to drip water all over the people in the front seat. i've checked the sunroof channels using a watering can and they seem to be draining to the right place (just behind the front wheels and just behind the back wheels). des anyone have any ideas/tips for trying to locatethis very annoying leak. i cant find any obvious reason as to where the water is coming from.
leaking 205 - Dynamic Dave
From memory of a previous post some time ago, leaks can occur where the rear wash/wipe goes through the hatch, and the water can travel along the boot into the rear foot wells.
Regarding the water dripping from the sunroof handle, check the roof mounted aerial is sealed to the bodywork.
leaking 205 - Dan G
Dave's right about the rear wash/wipe leak. The water will flow through the boot, form a puddle under the rear seats and if you're really unluckly it'll go under the carpet into the footwell. Is your footwell damp above or underneath the carpet ?
leaking 205 - Andrew-T
Me again - leaking tailgates! Somehow I failed to spot your reference to water under rear seats. If it's there, you will almost certainly have a s**den boot as well; but it isn't necessarily the wash-water. Any water getting inside the tailgate escapes from drain-holes at the two lower corners - but unfortunately, inside the car, so the rear corners of the boot floor get wet. I have managed to by-pass this problem by diverting the flow over the weatherseal onto the bumper. Don't put the car through a carwash!

Another possibility is that you have overfilled the rear-washer reservoir, which can leak if the level is above the mounting screws - but relatively small, and right-hand side only.

If the drip is genuinely from the sunroof handle, maybe the fixing screws for the pull-handle in the glass aren't watertight, or it is just condensation. After all, the roof isn't double-glazed, and it is winter. :o)

Finally, don't worry about rust - in my experience it won't happen to a 205 - unless someone has bent it.
leaking 205 - Andrew-T
My family (mostly me) has owned >10 205s, and one or two have suffered from water ingress. Rear footwells usually means water getting in by the rear doors, which may mean they don't seal fully, but is usually the result of faulty drainage. This could be because the drain holes are blocked, but more likely because the plastic membrane behind the door trim has sprung - possibly after work on the locks or winders. Easily fixed at very little cost if you DIY.

If you have a tailgate leak, water collects at either side of the boot, and if there is enough it will run forward and collect under the seats. If both these areas are dry it isn't a tailgate problem.

With your sunroof, are you sure the drip is from the handle? It is quite common for water to get in round the aerial base and drip from the interior lamp. If your roof opening drains properly, water shouldn't get in anywhere else.
leaking 205 - tonyh
Richard,to get at the sunroof you have to prise of two little plastic squares at the bottom of the handle which will reveal two phillips screws,if you remove the screws the handle will come off and you can take out the two pins from outside the car,it is the little seals under the heads tht is causing the handle to leak,fit a suitable washer under the head and it will cure your leaking sunroof H.T.H. Burman
leaking 205 - elrikos
thanks loads for the help guys.
if i summarise this correctly;
if the boot is also a pond then i should be looking round the tailgate.

if the boot isnt a pond then i should be looking at the doors.

as for the sunrood handle it definetely is the handle and not anywhere else. if you lower then handle water comes out of it when the handle is up it forms a tray which hold a surprising amount of water (when it deposits it over your trousers its a BIG surprise!!!!)

i'll check out everything you've suggested and let you know. in the meantime if you think ofanything else then let me know and i'll check it out

leaking 205 - DL
Yep.....water from the interior lamp is almost always the aerial base letting in water.

Seal it with a small amount of silicone sealant. Easy!

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leaking 205 - Andrew-T
elrikos - I'm pretty sure the sunroof problem will be condensation caused by what is in the footwells, especially in cold weather. Whenever the car is used, the interior warms up and gets nicely humid; at night the glass roof gets cold and fogged up. The condensation collects in the control handle (unless the roof-pull is leaking as well).
leaking 205 - Andrew-T
just to confuse you further: my last 205 (don't have one now) had a boot leak that took several experiments to uncover. The rear lamp clusters are sealed against the bodywork by pressure from a single screw, accessed from inside the rear box-section. That wasn't tight enough, and the rainwater getting in found a gap in the mastic filler between panels at the corner of the boot floor, which was only visible when water was flowing.

Maybe you should check all the filler joints around the boot opening. Or remove as much trim as you easily can, sit in the back, and get someone to hose the car, working upwards.
leaking 205 - Andrew-T
elrikos - is your 205 dry yet?
leaking 205 - Bromptonaut
Never found out how but my 205 (now gone) used to collect water inside the offside sill.You could hear it sloshing around after heavy rain and when full it percolated into the footwell. Try parking on a downslope and pulling the rubber bung out from the sill end in the front wheelarch.
Eventually developed a technique using a length of brake bleed hose pushed thru' the bung a litre or so of water cascading onto the drive - first example of catheterizing a car!!
leaking 205 - DL
Simon, the sill drainholes must have ben blocked causing this buildup of water. Can't have done the body a lot of good!
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leaking 205 - Andrew-T
Simon - I had a Triumph 1300 many moons ago (~1972) which did just the same thing. I could park it nose down and run out half a gallon from a grommet hole.
leaking 205 - elrikos
havent had a chance to look at it again unfortunately. hoping to get some time over christmas. according to girlfriends dad it does appear to be both door seals. seems funny to me that they've both gone at the same time though. i'll keep you all posted. thanks again for the replies

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