Ford Puma Erratic Idling - Charles
My Puma has developed a strange fault.

When the engine revs are decreasing to tickover and your foot is on the clutch the revs stay at about 1500 RPM and the engine revs erratically. It's not a misfire. It is as if something is increasing the engine speed intermittently.

This symptom lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds and then everything settles down to normal.

The car runs perfectly if the clutch pedal is not depressed. Weird!!

Any clues as to whats up with it anyone??
Re: Ford Puma Erratic Idling - Piers
Might be something to do with emmisions control. The ECU controls the engine speed and may be acting to minimise nasty stuff coming out of the exhaust. Clutch pedal up will put a load on the engine - even if only G/box.

I know on the K-series rover engine you can reset the idle control motor when it goes potty. Might be a similar function for the Ford engines?

Re: Ford Puma Erratic Idling - Charles
I've discovered there's a switch linked to the ECU at the top of the clutch pedal. Maybe thats on the blink??
Many thanks for your suggestions anyway.


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