VW Golf - Where to sell/Advertise it? - enigma2
Hi everyone. I have a Golf for sale and was wondering if anyone can advise me where to advertise it and what price I good expect for it. The car is a \"D\" reg, is that 1986? It is a limited edition Coco Chanel GTi cabriolet.
I would really appreciate any help possible.
David (enigma)
VW Golf - Where to sell/Advertise it? - Ian D
Mileage? Condition? Colour? FSH? MOT? Give us a few more details and may be able to help.

I have always had best results from the local Autotrader magazine and some results from the Autotrader website.
VW Golf - Where to sell/Advertise it? - DavidHM
If the car is really special, it might get perhaps £3k from an enthusiast, but only £1200 or so from the general market.

If there is an owner's club, and the car is any good, that would be the first place I'd try. Failing that, one of the specialist Golf GTi magazines that you get in larger newsagents.

Try www.clubgti.com/forum.asp

For anyone who doesn't remember the Coco Chanel edition (like me) there's a page here: www.stephengrant.com/golf/diary.htm


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