Peugeot 306 meridian (S) misfire - bmx
I have an S reg Peugeout 306 Meridian which has developed a worsening misfire. Primarily the autodiagnostic light would flicker on and off but this has become more constant and a noticeable misfire has developed. THis misire occurs at both low and high speed and both when the car is cold and after 15 minutes on the motorway. My peugeout dealer informed me that the diagnostic log showed a problem with the injectors on cylinder 2 and 3 and that it was not an ECU problem. However replacing the injectors has not rectified the problem and now they dealer feels it is definitely an ECU problem. This overnight change in mind is slightly disconcerting partciularly due to the cost of a new ECU which the dealer feels is necessary in addition to the new injectors as the old ones had been \'damaged\'.

Has anyone experienced similar problems, and have these been rectified by replacing or reprogramming the ECU? I suspect a fuel pump or ignition electrics problem could also be possible and I see many people mention coils affecting the ECU can I discount any of these?

In addition if a new ECU is required is it particularly unwise to try and pick one of these up from a scrap dealer? I hear they need to be initialized for the specific car they are to be installed in. Is this true and if so can it be achieved without the assistance of a dealer?
Peugeot 306 meridian (S) misfire - elekie&a/c doctor
If your car has the coil per cylinder type ignition system type Sagem,then you need to change this unit to modified type make Bougicord.Also ensure sparkplugs are in good condition.This is most common cause of missfire on these Peugeot /Citroen derivatives with same engines.Unlikely to be Ecu fault.
Peugeot 306 meridian (S) misfire - bmx
Pleased to hear that you dont think it is an ECU problem because I told the dealer to put the old injectors back in because they clearly werent the cause and i wasnt happy with their diagnosis of an ECU fault. I am relativley inexperienced with the Pug engine but pretty competent with the basics, am i likely to be able to change the coils myself?
Peugeot 306 meridian (S) misfire - DL
I would go for coilpacks too, just cured a 206 of the same problem.

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