Specs system - Malcolm_L
I've received an email from a 'friend of a friend' that says that the specs system (Passive camera speed detection) has been installed on the M4 from Theale to Membury services.

Anyone else heard of this?

I'm doubtful as I would have thought there would have been more

Specs system - GrumpyOldGit
The latest I have heard is that this is not SPECS at all. They are testing the new information signs and there are cameras associated with that test.
Specs system - Malcolm_L
A bit like trafficmaster so the signs can advise of queues ahead, etc?

I'm not against speed cameras in urban areas and I think the speed control system on the western M25 is excellent - I don't like the idea of revenue cameras on motorways though.
Specs system - Dynamic Dave
HJ's already mentioned this.


And the answer is:-



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