Diesel exhaust smells - Ivor E Tower
I have a Galaxy TDI, my wife has a Scenic DTi. Both use fuel from the same pump at the same garage. Why do the exhaust gases smell different? The Renault's has a particularly distinctive whiff (and has done since new) which doesn't actually seem to change if a different brand of fuel is used, whereas I cannot really smell anything from the Gal, again irrespective of what brand of fuel I use.
Diesel exhaust smells - Andrew-T
I believe diesels have a simpler cat than petrol cars, the purpose being to complete the combustion process. My diesel car's exhaust smells faintly of NO2 (similar to chlorine). Certainly no smell of sulphur (eggs) which seems common from a petrol exhaust before the cat warms up. Your difference may indicate more efficient combustion in one than the other.
Diesel exhaust smells - Ivor E Tower
Galaxy diesel apparently has a cat, Reanault doesn't.
I never owned a petrol car with cat so have no "smell" to compare it to.
Diesel exhaust smells - DL
I think that both of these modern diesel vehicles will have catalysts - as all diesels from 1996-on (Some earlier..) have them.

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