M'way services: Caravan bays - smokie
Are there a lot of people who can't read these days?

Dropping into M40 sevrices today I parked towards the back, behind the well marked and signed "Caravan only" bays. These are, unsurprisingly, double length.

Some unfortunate turned up with his rig in tow, unable to park in any designated spot because each row (maybe 20?) was full of single (mostly small) cars and a few white vans. There wasn't a single bay which had a caravan in.

I can remember coming across this when towing, and it really is frustrating. Why oh why do people do it?
M'way services: Caravan bays - pdc {P}
Revenge? For all those hours wasted on country lanes stuck behind caravanners.
M'way services: Caravan bays - Cliff Pope
Cardiff West (I think) has the bays so close together and so close to the shopping centre wall that if more than 2 caravans are parked there it is impossible to get the turning space to get out again.
The lorry park is usually a good bet - lots more space there, and rarely any cars.
M'way services: Caravan bays - terryb

I put it down to either pig ignorance or the "me, me, me" mentality that seems so prevalent these days. The problem is even worse in France where if you use the lorry area on a hot day you're overwhelmed by the smell of stale urine coming up from the tarmac.

M'way services: Caravan bays - Vansboy
Try checking out the parking situation on the Oxford Services, M4.

Trucks are well away from cars, plenty of caravan bays - so many in fact, that every time I've visited, members of our 'travellers' community, decide to take up residence!!

Can't blame them really, it's one or the more pleasant service stops & in a nice part of the country, too!!

M'way services: Caravan bays - GrumpyOldGit
terryb has it. It's the very noticable selfishness that has pervaded society in general, and driving particularly badly.

People now park in disabled bays, mother & child bays, in fact '...any damn where I please!' is the attitude. Try asking them not to - I have, and unless you happen to be particularly hard, don't bother. It isn't worth it.

A couple of times I have asked security staff in Tesco to check if a parker actually has a disabled badge. This is when I've seen, for example, a teenage lad screech into a disabled bay, leap out of his car and jog into the store!

It's all lack of good manners and consideration for others. Personally, I'd flog 'em! :-)

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