BMW climate control rebooting - Cambridge
Someone told me the new BMW Series 5 and 7 climate control system is causing problems.
It is controlled by the Microsoft CE for Automotive operating system. When it fails, the only way to get it to work again is to turn the engine off and restart the vehicle.
Is this true?
BMW climate control rebooting - Aprilia
Can't comment on that specifically, but I had problems with the CC on my 7-series (previous model).

Unknown to me, the CC computer was starting up randomly when the car was parked and switching the fan on for hours at a time. I was finding that the battery was dead and couldn't understand why.
Eventually I found out what the CC was up to (would have cost £100's for the dealer to do it, no doubt) and replaced the ECU for a cool £700.
I took the old ECU apart and wasn't too impressed with the quality of the PCB - it had warped. The basic fault, though, was that the software in the (mask programmed) microprocessor had become corrupted, so ECU repalcement was the only option.

I went of CC for a while after that. You can't beat a few levers and some bowden cable.
BMW climate control rebooting - NitroBurner

Totally agree with your comments on CC. My last car (BMW 5 series) had it. Too fiddly by 1/2 to operate & no fresh air if you switched it off.

My current car has AC with large rotary controls & push buttons in the centre. SIMPLE!
BMW climate control rebooting - Altea Ego
Yes its true the BMW 7 series does run Windows CE

And its also true that as an operating system will reset to defaults when rebooted (aka starting the car up) its possible that the car will need to be restarted to correct any problems the OS cant handle.
BMW climate control rebooting - Big John
Hmm.. After a bad experience with computers at work I wonder if its possible for Windows computers in cars to catch the latest virus whilst at the dealer. Only Joking ,,,, I think?
BMW climate control rebooting - DL
No, potentially, it would be possible I guess!
BMW climate control rebooting - Altea Ego
No, potentially, it would be possible I guess!

Indeed it is as these small snippets from the Windows CE for automotive indicates


Using Windows Automotive
This topic introduces you to security issues for Windows Automotive features.
For a detailed overview of security services in Windows CE .NET, go to Creating a Secure Device in the Windows CE .NET Help documentation.

IE Browser Security Issues

An automotive supplier can build a web browser based on Internet Explorer 6.0 that allows users to download files to the target device. This presents a potential security hazard because the user may unknowingly download malicious code to the device if the appropriate security mechanisms are not built into the web browser.


Network Security Issues

When a target device communicates over a network, such as a MOST network, the device becomes vulnerable to tampering and misuse. Peer?to?peer networking scenarios allow devices on a network to communicate with each other without management of a host device. Scenarios might include a device extracting sensitive data and sending it to another device on the network, a device sending false data to a device on the network, or a device gaining control of another device on the network, allowing it to access and manipulate the device's capabilities.


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