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To cut a long story short..
Ordered a Smart Roadster Nov 2002 for delivery Sept 2003.
Aug 2003 told car had been crashed - its a write off will not arrive.Week later told don't worry there was a mix up it wasn't your car. Still on for Sept delivery take the day off work.
Friday before delivery 1930hrs - Sir your car hasn't been delivered for us to prepare it will call you first thing tomorrow. Sat 1345hrs No sign of your car not likely to turn up. Very sorry looks like it may have been damaged after all. Call us Monday. Monday You can have a Courtesy car (Normal Smart) but cannot have it until 1530hrs.

Now I want a brand new car - it turns out it was Minor damage - 6 parts - just a bumper and minor panels.

We will offer you £300 compensation. I want £3100 compensation as that was much cars were going for on ebay just for the position to have a car on sept 1st.

They say a new car will get delivered end of Nov (extra 2 months) but I will have to pay for a courtesy car as they are not willing to loan me this car for that long or I can have the original today which has been repaired but it hasn't been registered so is still defined as new. I cannot see how a car involved in what they describe as a minor accident can be defined or sold as NEW!!

The other option is to get a car in two weeks similar spec but with Air Con but they are not willing to cover the cost of the air con £1000.

Help, who can I take this to - Top Gear? How much compensation am I entitled to? What is the definition of a NEW car? I'm 23 are they taking advantage of me by offering £300 comp?

What are my options?

You assistance as appreciated.


BTW I have put down a £500 deposit in Nov (Pre production) that is all.
Definition of New Car. Advice Pls - Ivor E Tower
New just means not previously registered. You would be surprised at how many new cars get damaged in transit or even at the factory before they begin their journey to a customer!
Sorry to hear your tale of woe, but if damage really was minor cosmetic stuff and has been repaired by new panels (don't the smart ones just clip on?) it may be better to accept your original car now.
If not, consider taking legal advice or just cancelling your right to buy and saying that you will issue small claims court action to recover your deposit if it is not returned, due to the shabby way you have been treated, supported by dealer incompetence in not knowing (or at least not telling you honestly) why your original car was delayed.
Definition of New Car. Advice Pls - Aprilia
Could they knock £300 off the cost of the car with air-con? That would be a fair deal. Air-con will be a desirable extra when you come to sell, and worth the extra £700 you would pay now.
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I am pole-axed. Quite apart from why would anybody want a bubble car, which is a separate debate in itself, is this really how business is done in the UK? They tell me I live in an LDC, which by and large it is. The new Ford I will be collecting on Sat (actually it's there now but sad as it sounds I've been too busy to pick it up, honest) came out of the plant within 3 days of my ordering it. My saleslady is pestering me to collect it, says she's sorry the CD changer isn't done but she's booked me in next Tuesday for that.

Rip-off Britain is alive and well it seems.

Definition of New Car. Advice Pls - Aprilia

If you want a Ford in the UK you can have one tomorrow. This is about the Smart Roadster - a small sportscar which is in very high demand. Different kettle of fish altogether.
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Depends what the 6 parts were. Smarts are quite modular, so probably not as bad as a metal car.
Being cynical, it sounds like a minor bump, hence the confusion over whether it had been damaged at all, they were obviously trying to repair it in time and not tell you!
Personally I wouldn't buy the damaged one myself. It will be down on their computer as having had a bump, so not good for quick resale through the dealer network.
Plus I know whenever I've damaged my pride and joy, it's never the same again, and surely that's taken away part of the new car experience.
I'm surprised that smarts are going 3k over list if I got you right? I would just take the next one and hassle for the £300.
I love the looks of the Smart Coupe btw. looks just like a small M-Coupe.
Definition of New Car. Advice Pls - MickyFinn
I'm going to reject it. If they take away the courtesy car before the new car is delivered (NOV) I will cancel the order altogether.

The service I have received is atrocious I am spending nearly £16k with them any my phone calls are not returned. DCUK are not interested.

Thanks for your advice,

Definition of New Car. Advice Pls - HisHonour {P}
Is the Smart a bubblecar? I was quite perplexed once by a clerk who asked me where he should park his Messerschmidt. I assumed he was barking mad until a kind colleague explained!


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