Primera starting problem - Mark Munnery
I have a 1994 1600 Primera which I've had from new and racked up 145K trouble free miles.

A couple of month or so ago it developed a starting problem whereby the start motor would whirr when the ignition was turned but it didn't seem to be engaging. After a couple attempts it would engage and then start, sometimes it would start first time. Having gotten fed up with this I replaced the starter motor only to have exactly the same symptoms with the new one.

It has been getting progressively worse over the last week and now may take 6 attempts before it starts. I'm not sure whether it's coincidental but it seems to start better with the clutch depressed and the radio off (please, no laughing).

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers Mark
Primera starting problem - Aprilia
Assuming that the starter is actually spinning then it can only be one of three things:
1. Pinion assy faulty
2. Solenoid not throwing pinion out far enough
3. Ring-gear worn at various locations.

Take starter out and re-check its operation - also rotate cranck and inspect ring-gear as you rotate it. Normally they wear at about four locations where the engine naturally comes to rest.
Primera starting problem - Mark Munnery
Thanks for the advice Aprilia, it's really appreciated.

Just to clarify the possibilities
By fitting a new starter motor can I iliminate option 1?
Could number 2 be due to an electrical issue rather than mechanical?
When I hear the whirring noise the engine is not cranking over so is there any reason it would start after a few attempts if the ring gear is worn?

Thanks again

Primera starting problem - Aprilia
Ordinarily I would have said it could be a pinion assy fault (i.e. pinion clutch failed) - but if you replaced the *complete* starter motor (was it a new one?) then its a puzzle as to why it doesn't work now. Assuming starter is turning then I wonder if there could be some other problem (eg massive crankshaft endfloat or damage to the ring gear). Get someone to watch the front pulley and see if it moves axially as you depress and release the clutch (endfloat check). I would still check the condition of the ring gear all the way around.
If you fitted a s/hand starter then it too could be faulty.


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