Audi A6 2.5 TDI SE Bargain?? - Hugo {P}
No I'm not thinking of buying it but I thought worthy of a mention.

In this weeks South West Auto Trader.

N Reg dark blue MOT 6 Speed box 140 bhp model very light rear damage drive away easy repair £800 ono - Private sale.

No mention of mileage or pre accident condition, though this seems to be a well specd car.

The damage cannot be seen from the photo, which makes me suspect its limite to the near side rear.

If anyone's interested the phone number is 01626 332167 or 07780 955435.

Is this likely to be a good deal or is it just indicative of the car market?

Audi A6 2.5 TDI SE Bargain?? - MGspannerman
I happen to have an M reg model, and reckon that secondhand value for mine with full service history, around 105k and in excellent condition is around £3k. Not a huge amount of headroom if you discount this car for potential poor condition, excess miles and the hassle factor. I shudder to think what repair costs are likely to be, the rear bumper alone must be a fair sum if that was damaged. However if it is driveable and not dangerous then why repair it? Mine does 45-50 mpg so this car could make a potentially cheap and comfortable, if somewhat scruffy, runabout. Mine is going well at the moment but if anything major happens - engine blow up, major body job - then at Audi prices it is likely a write-off. Still, lets look on the bright side and look forward to all those comfortable, low cost miles to come :-).

Audi A6 2.5 TDI SE Bargain?? - DavidHM
Could be corner and/or floorpan damage, which might look cosmetically not much but the insurance company wouldn't pay for and dealer would never touch as is.

My father's Audi 80 was written off at five years old for damage that was superficially nothing to worry about but which cost £3,600 to repair on a car worth a little over £4,000.

It was perfectly driveable but uneconomic and while this could be an excellent banger, unless the repair really is cosmetic, e.g., new bootlid, bumper and nothing else, I can't see how there's any money left in this car unless you can do everything yourself or very cheaply.


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