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Does anyone know where I can get part numbers and pricing for the 17D Isuzu engine fitted to my friend?s 1996 Opel Combo he runs here in Jordan? Either online or without obligation by email? The dealer here does not have the right parts catalogue.

It is the same non-turbo engine used by Vauxhall.

Would Vauxhall part numbers be recognised by an Opel dealer abroad?

Thanks in advance, CMark.
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Possibly try www.autovaux.co.uk? No mention of the Combo, was this called something different in the UK?
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Judging by the info. on www.opel.de the 'combo' is a corsa based mini-mpv/van thingy in a berlingo 'multispace' style. I'm 99% sure GM part numbers will be universal; so autovaux for one should be able to help

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