Audi service garage rec. East Anglia. - Typo
I've got a 7 year old A4 2.8 (V6 30V). I'm looking for a competent garage to perform an 80k mile service (includes cam belt change). Any recommendations, preferably in East Anglia?

I used to use our local franchised dealer but always felt they were stitching me up. Not only were they expensive but I caught them charging for things they hadn't done and they failed to complete even basic tasks (eg oil change) competently. I moved to a non-franchised Audi specialist (where you actually get to talk to the man with the greasy hands), but they have been sold and no longer specialse in Audi.
Audi service garage rec. East Anglia. - mlj
Have you looked in 'good garages' under 'directories'?
Audi service garage rec. East Anglia. - Typo
Thank you. I'm new to this site and hadn't noticed that.
Audi service garage rec. East Anglia. - Soupytwist
Depending on where you are in East Anglia John Austin of Marks Tey, just outside Colchester have quite a good reputation for VAG servicing and repairs. I've never used them but did buy a MK2 Golf GTI that had been serviced by them and it seemed to have been well looked after. Also the number of VWs and Audis that you see in Essex & Suffolk with their little "Serviced by John Austin" stickers in the window is quite impressive.

Their number is 01206 211483

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Audi service garage rec. East Anglia. - lordwoody
If you're anywhere near Ipswich I can thoroughly recommend Richard Pipe Engineering-01473 610428. They service anything from a Lotus to a lawnmower, are 100% trustworthy , are extremely pleasant and helpful. They used to advertise that they specialised in Swedish and German cars and whatever they've done for me has been excellent.


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