Activated Carbon Filters - Sooty Tailpipes
I have a question for people who have activated carbon/charcoal cabin intake filters....

I have the plain 'pollen filter' on my Omega, but later models has a charcoal filter, I have priced up the charcoal filter housing and filter, but was wondering how effective they are as it will cost a fair bit?

I often get stuck in traffic next to a large sewerage works, and it's awful, there's no escape. amd often one only presses recirculate when its too late. Would they absord this kind of stench?

Also, do they remove blue smoke smell when following an oil-burning wreck?

Thanks for any help.
Activated Carbon Filters - LongDriver {P}
I don't find them that effective.

From a technical aspect, they will REDUCE the organic pollutants from the oil-burning wreck, however the hydrogen sulphide from sewage treatment works will probably be unaffected. Most organic gases, produced from the sewage works are odourless, but will be adsorbed by the charcoal. Mains gas is actually odourless - it has a "smelly" gas added so you can tell when you've got a leak.

The problem with activated carbon filters in car ventilation is that the air is probably drawn through too quickly for high levels of adsorption to take place.
Activated Carbon Filters - Sooty Tailpipes
Thanks, that saves me £75, and £25pa thereafter.


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