Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - nick name
Just thought I would pass on this link to anyone who is looking for parking sensors, it is i bought a set last week they were only £55 and work great!
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Altea Ego
They look very good and very cheap. Tell us more about the quality of the kit, how easty to fit. how it works in use, how accurate is it?
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - nick name
The quality for the price is certainly exceptional, & they are straight forward to install with full instructions given from start to finish, they even include a drill bit. I believe the detection distances are between 1.5m & .3m. They work on ultrasonics. There is a screen with an image of a vehicle showing you how close and where the obstacle is and also a sound function which can be muted if prefered.

I have had no problems so far
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Aprilia
There seem to be lots of these kits coming out of the Far East at the moment. I have fitted about half a dozen for friends relatives and colleagues; I've found they mostly use the same sensor and seem to work in exactly the same way. I'm assuming a lot of them are actually the same product, but packaged slightly differently.

There is a guy on eBay sells 'Brees' reversing kits. I managed to get a couple of sets for £35. They seem to work very well indeed. We'll see if they're still working after the winter...;-)
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Welliesorter
Having previously mentioned my Skoda and my Tesco jeans, I thought I'd consolidate my tightwad reputation by pointing out that there's a much cheaper, easier to install, low tech alternative.

Before splashing out on one of these things you might want to consider a plastic lense to stick inside the rear windscreen.

These enable you to see much closer to ground level, both when looking behind and through the mirror. I find mine an absolute godsend in my street, where it's impossible to park without reversing into a gap. It doesn't really obstruct the rear view in normal driving.
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Dynamic Dave
Previously discussed here:

Also Maplin do a kit for £29.99.
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Sooty Tailpipes
"ere is a guy on eBay sells 'Brees' reversing kits. I managed to get a couple of sets for £35. They seem to work very well indeed. We'll see if they're still working after the winter...;-)"

Yes, I got one of the 4-sensor BREES kits, of him, £42, very nice quality, nice OEM- lokk sensors like you see from the factory, I'm waiting till my car goes in for a bit of paintwork in a couple of weeks before I fit them, as he said he can colour code them for me prior to me fitting them.

I have tried a mock up in the kitvhen with the sensors on the worktop, seemed OK.
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Aprilia
The rear view lens units ('Fresnel lens') have been around for a long time. I have one in my Mercedes at the moment. How useful they are depends a lot on the design of the car, they also rely on the back window being clean, so on a damp morning its not easy to see through the lens.

I would be interested to know if anyone has actually used the Maplin kit. For a start, it doesn't appear to be weatherproof. When you can buy a fully build system, with dash display panel for £35, you have to wonder whether spending £30 on the Maplin kit is good value.
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - Sooty Tailpipes
They have been selling the same kit for 10 years, I don't see how you could fit it to a car, as the sensors are mounted 6" apart on a PCB with other components.
Parking Sensors/Reversing Aids - THe Growler
I have a feeling I have blathered on about this before but why on earth can't manufacturers fit reversing sensors as standard? We can see from these posts that they are inexpensive enough, and I'm sure I could do without a couple of cup holders or some of those meaningless useless microscopic buttons on the radio that need pages 84-176 of the manual to explain what they do and which I've never bothered to read anyway, if cost was an issue.

On two successive vacations in Malaysia the car rental company gave me the local Mitsubishi-based Proton. On both cars reversing sensors were standard fitments. They were an absolute blessing. Safety in car manufacture seems to be predicated on what you may encounter from the front (airbags, belts, etc) but nary a thought given to the hazards that lurk behind waiting to bite you in the bum.

On the after-market fitment issue, where I live any car accessory supermarket will sell you a Chinese reversing sensor. Some even make a bird-like twittering noise as well to warn unwary pedestrians they are about to be flattened.


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