BMW 840Ci - experiences please - Nsar
I have persuaded my wife that we should entertain serious thoughts of spending about £13k-£15k on an 840Ci with FBMSH.

This is a car I have loved since I first saw one, but never driven, there are plenty about in that spec + leather with between 70k and 100k some as low as early 60k but that makes me a little nervous on a car designed for big miles.

I've checked the car by car which is useful but have any Back Roomers lived with one - any tell tales I should be looking for?
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - ajit
I remember reading an article in CAr about it. The 840 was recommended for "recreational" use. I recall that electrics need to be checked, rests should be okay if service history is around. Most people loved it except for depreciation.
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - GrumpyOldGit
Nothing at all constructive - just like to say you lucky git. :-)What a beautiful car! Have fun.
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - Nsar
PS to my earlier post the car by car section has a link through to a commercial site selling detailed guides - has anyone who has bought one got a view on their content?
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - Bagpuss
Knew someone in Germany who had one a while back. Lovely piece of kit, classy leather lined interior and a marvellous experience on the Autobahns. Transmission and engine are apparently bomb proof although the electrical system was extremely complex for its time and I wouldn't like to be the one paying to have the bushes in the rear suspension replaced.
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - spikeyhead {p}
Never, ever, under any circumstances, sit in the back seat of one fot a 600 mile journey stopping only for petrol. When I finally got home I thought my legs would never work properly again. Apart from that warning, its a lovely looking car thats a pleasure to use. Buy one and enjoy it to the full.
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BMW 840Ci - experiences please - Dogbreath
Not the same but my 735 was a dinosoar - massive V8 engine. Too big too expensive. You will lose tons of money in depreciation and then have to spend hundreds and hundreds every year to keep it all in good condition. Petrol costs mad too. I loved the car but felt like a mug every time I had to fork out. Catalytic converter replacements cost £1700. The rear light bulb on one side failed once a month - nothing serious and cheap to fix but just annoying - new light cluster would have cost £250 plus.

Before I had the Beemer I always thought that "over-engineered" was agood thing i.e. built to last and ultra reliable. In my view now from experience over-engineered means too heavy; too complicated; too expensive.

I have switched to Honda which in my are "right engineered" - simply yet perfect. To me, the Honda is a much more modern car.
BMW 840Ci - experiences please - Roger Jones
No experience, just an opinion: gorgeous overall shape seriously spoilt by the front end.

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