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Sat here waiting for the phone to ring announcing Polo's fate, thought I'd ask another question...

New Seat Ibizas come with a years free insurance for people aged 25-80. I'm 23 next month so don't qualify. Insurance to me though is worth about £700, so would I be being cheeky to ask for that much as a discount in addition to anything else I'd managed to get??

Free Insurance - Dan J
You can ask, but you won't get it.

The dealer is not paying for the insurance himself, it is arranged by the manufacturers marketing department and paid for directly by them. Consequently it is irrelevant to the dealer whether you take the insurance or not as it doesn't affect the price he buys the car or sells it to you for. Even if you were within the age range, the dealer isn't going to give you any extra back for not taking the insurance policy out.

If free insurance is important to you as a 1st year "sweetener" then best thing to do is find a car which will include your age in the offer...

Free Insurance - DavidHM
C3, Fiesta, Corsa (grr!), Yaris and Clio (but be careful as to the model. Out of those, the most VW-like is probably the Ford... There are also free insurance offers on the 206 and Micra, but I think they both require you to take the manufacturer's finance (and it's especially expensive on the 206 if you do so).

There might be an extra £100 or so in it for the dealer if he sells without the insurance, but it's unlikely as, like Dan says, these offers are usually wholly funded from head office.

The best prices on the new Ibiza are from btw
Free Insurance - PoloGirl
The best prices on the new Ibiza are from btw

Thanks for that. I've done a bit of research into the Ibiza, as by all accounts the 1.2 is a fab little car. Would you beleive it would be less for me to insure a brand new 1.2 than it would be to insure my polo again for another year (like £150 less!)?!

Now if I could just find another £5000 :)


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