Volvo seat creaking - Steve S
The driver's seat on my C70 has developed an annoying creak when ever your weight shifts while cornering.

I've checked and lubricated the underpinnings and they seem solid enough. I feel the problem may be in the base of the seat - can this be removed easily for inspection?
Volvo seat creaking - NitroBurner
Shouldn't be too difficult to remove. They're often secured to the body with caphead screws in the seat slide rails. Move the seat to it's extremities to expose them.....
Volvo seat creaking - Martin Wall
If the seats have side airbags built in I wouldn't do this as I believe that disconnecting the wiring to some seats can cause these to old is your car?
Volvo seat creaking - bugged {P}
must be a volvo thing, my boyfriends v40 does the same !

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