Should i get a tracker? - spoiler
Having bought an impreza wrx this weekend, i am wondering whether to get a tracker fitted.

I found some old threads on this subject, but having read them am still undecided. What are people's thoughts on this?

Having got some insurance quotes, i will save £70 if i get a tracker fitted - not a big save considering the initial outlay.

The other argument that i will more than likely get my car back if it gets nicked - i'm not sure i'd want it back!

If it does get nicked & i don't get it back, i was looking at the financial implecations. Apart from the insurance excess, i should be pretty much covered. Also having protected no claims, it shouldn't hit me too hard on the renewal.

Anything else i've not thought about?
Should i get a tracker? - Altea Ego
I would get a very very good alarm and imobilisor fitted, rated thatcham cat 1 at least.

Like you if my car was to get knicked I wouldnt want it back.
Should i get a tracker? - DavidHM
Are you sure that's only £70? A lot of insurance companies won't cover these without them, so you may find that you can save a lot more than that at renewal by shopping around.

And of course, at £70 a year, it will 'only' take 4 years to pay for itself, plus it'll make the car more desirable for the next owner. Plus, while you might be able to get cover this year without it, what about next year? There's a small chance that you'll have to get one anyway.

Financially, there's no guarantee but I can't see you coming out too far behind if you get one and it might be worth it just to know that you'll catch the pink fluffy dice if it were stolen.
Should i get a tracker? - Wales Forester
Your insurance would pay for any cosmetic damage after a stolen/recovered scenario assuming it wasn't a total loss, but would you realy want the car back knowing that someone has been redlining it for a few hours driving it around on two wheels.

Given that you only stand to save £70 on your insurance premium I'd do as others have said and get a good alarm/immobiliser.

Should i get a tracker? - peterb
Not worth it for £70 p.a.
Should i get a tracker? - Blue {P}
In some cases this system may be worthwhile, I personally wouldn't have one as it relies on the Police having a Tracker receiver in the car, which means that not many Police cars can track your vehicle at all...

I think RAC Trackstar is better, they track the car via satellite, so can tell if it's stolen before you even know about it, they then relat this information directly to the Police so that *any* police or helicopter can locate the car without specialist equipment. If they park it in a metal box, then Trackstar knows the exact location at which the signal was lost, not easy to move a cargo container quickly enough to out run the Police...

Should i get a tracker? - harry m
as i have mentioned before tracker also do several different forms of there system the one i have got alerts them if its tampered with they then ring you and then alert the for me.
Should i get a tracker? - midlifecrisis
We have tracker locating devices fitted to most of our traffic cars. I don't rate it at all. Its very inaccurate and seems to get confused easily. The satellite systems which give location, speed and direction are much better.
Should i get a tracker? - Dynamic Dave
I've been wondering for a while now if this idea for a cheap tracking device would work or not?

Based on my post

Buy a cheap handset and SIM card from a local market stall. Secrete the mobile in the car somewhere well out of site and connect to a car phone charger so the battery will never go flat. Should the car ever get stolen, just access one of the websites mentioned in the above link and you'll be able to see where your car is.


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