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I am getting big quotes for my wifes 1985 Polo when I am a named driver, due to 3 accidents in 3 years (21/2 no fault of mine). She owns the car its in her name, can I drive it on my car insurance (Mondewoe)as a car not owned by me with the owners permission, as it states in the insurance docs, or as the spouse am I cosidered an owner?

Insurance and owner of car - martint123
You'll have to read your policy... They differ.
For example - MoreThan says the below and ISTR that DirectLine said the same.

You are covered while driving any other car only if all the following apply:
? You are 25 years of age or older.
? You are driving with the owners permission.
? You are not entitled to make a claim for the damage under any other policy of insurance.
? The car is not owned by (or hired under a hire purchase agreement by or leased to) you or your husband or wife.
? The car is being driven in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the
Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Insurance and owner of car - HF
>>? The car is not owned by (or hired under a hire purchase >>agreement by or leased to) you or your husband or wife.

Yeah seen this on many policies. And have always wondered why it's ok for a person to drive ANY other person's car other than his/her spouse's.

What's the insurance companies' reason behind this please?
Old Trout.
Insurance and owner of car - Mark (RLBS)
In addition the DOC extension is there for occasional use. If you were to rely on this extension and drive your wife's car anything like often, then that would be a material fact which would need disclosing to both your insurers. That will then take you back to the beginning.
Insurance and owner of car - hootie
Shopping around for insurance for the forthcoming new car
(owned in my name, daughter main driver) have found it varies
hugely across different insurance companies, especially ones
who 'specialise' in young drivers.

Some wont entertain the idea of insurance unless the car is registered in her name etc., some say they wont, until you contact them, and then they say they will if it's owned by a parent, and some seem to be ok with it whoever owns the car and is registered keeper.

I also never gave any thought to the fact that having two extra named drivers on her policy (myself and Mr H) rather than just me, would bring the premium down still further (because we both have long standing clean licences)

It just brought it home to me, how important it is to shop around thoroughly, and to have a discussion about the best terms for 'you' rather than sticking strictly to the scripts, I guess.

* btw - talking of fully comp. policies here.
Insurance and owner of car - guzzler
I've just looked at my Liverpool Victoria insurance docs, they say "The policy holder may also drive with the owners permission a private motor car not owned by the policy holder and not hired to the policy holder under a hire purchase agreement". No mention of spouse.
I believe that it is 'third party' cover only though.
What does your own policy actually mention, Bill?
Are you excluded or not?
Insurance and owner of car - guzzler
Just re-read your post, sorry, I would think that if its not specifically mentioned then you would be ok.
Insurance and owner of car - Daedalus
Nothing in the docs for my car to say I can,t drive my wifes car so I am as needed, which is not often. Managed to get cover in the end for £195 TPFT for it rather than £260.



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