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I am looking at buying a car from my local salvage dealer. It is catergory c write off, so all it actually needs is a new back bumper!!

Anyway, main question is what I need to do to get it registered etc?

Can anyone advise on cost and also getting it reinsured etc


Buying Salvage - martint123
I thought Cat C was structural damage and Cat d was cosmetic uneconomical to repair.

You will have to get a new-style VIC check before a V5 is issued
details at:-
Buying Salvage - sean
Hello, VWDan.

Went to collect a fuel lift pump from the scrappie and noticed a nice write-off did we?

I used to buy motorcycle write-offs for about 20 years. Cars adopted the same policy.

Now, IF IT HAS BEEN NOTIFIED AS SUCH TO THE DVLA, VI, etc, you will have to adopt the new method. If not you:

1. Agree price with seller
2. Take keys, logbook v5 and MoT with a receipt for your money
3. Get the car home
4. Fix it, tax and MoT if required, don't if not. To tax it will require you to notify change of owner on V5.
5. Enjoy

No need to get it inspected in any other way.

When you come to sell it, you are not obliged to say it was written off unless specifically asked. You cannot lie.

Onus on buyer to check (hpi, equifax etc)
Caveat emptor (buyer beware)
Buying Salvage - VWDan
lol Caught me there Sean!

Nissan Primera 2.0 White Hatch. All it needs is a back bumper, everything else is sound.


Seemed a good deal to me especially when the same place will supply said bumper for £50 all I need is sprayed too match. Local garage £30 for quick job!

L Reg Primera with service history btw all for £200 just the Vehicle Check thingy if it needs it (I'm checking at moment) and Bobs your uncle.

Buying Salvage - DavidHM
Unless of course can find you a white one for less than £80?
Buying Salvage - VWDan
Well bought the Primera. It has 6 months MOT doesn't need an inspection because it was written off before April this year.

Is perfectly roadworthy as is but will spend some time cleaning the outside up and renewing the rear bumper.

Also the OSR door has taken a bash whilst in the salvage yard, so a bit of panel pulling required.

In the end got it for £90 after a deal was agreed!

One very happy Primera owner

Buying Salvage - sean
Very well done mate.

I'm delighted for you.

Just think, you might have just bought a new lift pump, not gone to the scrappie, not seen your Primera...

This really is a very good forum.

Most of us help each other just don't mention Fiats...

Of course the multipla's pretty

And reliable

The cheque's in the post
I will still love you in the morning

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