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Hello Folks,

In the absence of any affordable technical documentation for my Vauxhall Monterey (rebadged Trooper), can anyone give suggestions on acceptable loss of thickness of front disks, please?

Without use of a proper micrometer, I reckon that they have lost at least around 3mm out of a total (estimated) thickness of 10mm per single disk side. They are original after 131K. Is there a rule of thumb for maximum loss of thickness?

As this truck regularly tows 2000K up and down motorways, I am erring on the side of caution by replacing, but would welcome listmembers comments to make me feel better for spending £120 for the set!! These are replacements from Milner Offroad, Matlock. Anyone else bought them from there?

Bleeding. I havn't done this for few years on any vehicle. It is ABS equipped, hence I am concerned about crud getting into the pump gubbins when I push the pistons back. OK to open the rear/front nipples in sequence and top up the reservoir? This way there should not be any potential air locks to reach the pump. Any tips welcome.

And with the demise of my local factor, can anyone suggest a decent motor factor on Teesside? Is Dwight Van Driver still on this list?



4 x 4 Brakes - J.B.
Theres an ineresting thread under "help-brake disks" 1st July re: bleeding.
Dont know about the Trooper but early Range Rovers I believe had minimums of 13mm front and 12mm rear.
4 x 4 Brakes - J.B.
P.S. sometimes the minimum is stamped on the bit of the disc that doesn't wear.
4 x 4 Brakes - jc
No;it rusts instead!!
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Well, 3mm out of a 10mm disc is 30% - so I would suggest they are quite well worn.
4 x 4 Brakes - Dwight Van Driver
Sorry Rob all I can mention is Plunketts, Anchorage Lane, Northallerton, where I go for my bits and pieces and they are bits and peices as I am too long in the tooth now to be wrestling on the ground underneath the beast.....


4 x 4 Brakes - bertj
Look at the following USA web site: www.carprices.net/Cars/Isuzu/Trooper/4_door_S_Auto...l
This gives rotor thicknesses. I think that the front discs on Trooper/Monterey are ventilated, therefore very thick. Above site gives front thickness of 1.02" (26mm) and rear of 0.71" (18mm).
I suggest that you actually measure the unworn part of the disc.


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