Mitsubishi screeching belts - topaktas
All belts recently replaced on our L-reg Mitsubishi Chariot (import). But we keep having to go back to the garage because the belt(s) keep screeching, and the garage says Mitsubishi are (in)famous for this. Any suggestions I can pass on to them?
Mitsubishi screeching belts - MW
Does it happen mostly when engine load increases (i.e. when accelerating), or when the power steering is turned and the hydraulic pump is harder to rotate as it has a load on it, rather than in the straight ahead position?
Most belts screech because they are loose (and the pulley is turning, but the belt can't grip and take the torque), or contaminated with oil/grease/dirt etc that has the same effect in reducing the grip between belt and pulley. I would take off the belts, and clean the pulleys and belt. Is the cloth greasy? Then refit and tighten up. I have hear that talcum powder can work, but havn't needed to try it. Don't over tighten, as water pump and other bearings can be easily overloaded, and fail some weeks later.
Mitsubishi screeching belts - Aprilia
Whip the belts off and clean the pulleys up with 'brake cleaner' spray. Check the belts themselves aren't contaminated (e.g. with oil or coolant).
Tension correctly as per manual.

Screeching on full lock is to be expected (a la Vauxhalls) because of stall load on PS pump.

You can buy a spray which is supposed to help the belts grip better, but I've never tried it and you shouldn't really need it.
Mitsubishi screeching belts - cholin
I have this problem with my Proton/Mitsubishi engine, came on about 80,000mi. It happens on initial starting which I put down to extra load on the alternator. New belts, degreased pulleys, roughened pulleys, belt tightened from loose to busting point - no effect. Neighbour with similar car (160,000mi.) had same trouble he solved his by selling car. I think putting any dressing on belt would exacerbate the trouble and the only real answer is renewing the pulleys. Or in my case the battery. It irritates me beyond measure and if anyone has a sure-fire remedy it would be nice to have it. Another thread on the same subject didn't seem to produce anything positive.
Mitsubishi screeching belts - David Lacey
There has to be an answer to this....either by applying more tension or adding a belt dressing to the belt(s)

What type of belt is it? Multi-rib or just a plain simple V-belt?
Mitsubishi screeching belts - David Davies
Had this problem with an L300 van and was quite surprised that fitting genuine OE belts from dealer solved it.Are you using aftermarket non OE belts?
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Mitsubishi screeching belts - David Lacey
Probably aftermarket ones as the OE ones are so ridiculously priced - they can be up to £25 a belt!
Mitsubishi screeching belts - Dizzy {P}
It's often not realised that vee belts drive solely from the sides; the bottom of the belt must not ride on the bottom of the groove in the pulley. If the belt angle is incorrect (from memory I *think* it is 36 degrees +/- 1) or is not contacting solely at the sides, belt slip will surely follow.

In fact, as I outlined in an earlier thread, it is only the upper part of the sides (basically the 'canvas' bit) that should do the driving, the rubber lump is there to support the driving part and keep it in the correct orientation.

Unfortunately, belt slip can wear the pulley, especially if it is made from light alloy, after which even an OE belt can ride on the bottom of the groove and slip.

I don't know the current situation but an investigation about 20 years ago by the engine design company that I worked for found that the vee-belts made by a very well-known aftermarket manufacturer were terrible. Wrong sizing, wrong angles, the lot.
Mitsubishi screeching belts - cholin
These belts are multirib type, and in my case not genuine Mitsu, I shall try one in the interests of science. Watch this space (not too closely it may be a while).
Mitsubishi screeching belts - topaktas
Thanks to all for useful suggestions. In the end I too solved the problem by getting rid of the car, not least of all because it went on to fail its MOT on emissions.
Mitsubishi screeching belts - OldOiler
I've used honey for years - does not appear to degrade the belts (use very sparingly and is often present when a new belt is fitted).
This does NOT apply to loose belts which should be adjusted first.

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