Peugeot spare key - quietman
I have just bought a W reg Peugeot 406 estate and have a couple of problems
1)It does not have a parcel shelf / luggage cover and I am reluctant to pay approx £175 for a replacement. Does anyone know where I can get one at a reasonable price?
2)It came with only one key, which operates the locks, alarm and immobilizer remotely from the key fob. I have not been given any codes for the key, radio etc. How do I get these codes because I assume that if I have to disconnect the battery for any reason I will need the codes.
3)Because I only have one key I need to get a second one but I am concerned that there is still a key out there that will access the car. Can I get the system reprogrammed so that the missing key is useless and if so what is involved in doing this? Is it a long process, is it pricey and, more to the point do I have to go back to a Peugeot dealer to have this done? I have not had a car with remote locking / alarm facilities etc before so this is all a grey area to me. Your expert help is desperately needed.
Peugeot spare key - BobbyG
I know its not what you want to hear just now quietman, but these sort of things should have been sorted before you handed over your readies! Who did you buy it from? Do you know who the previous owner is? Can you contact them? I would make that your first starting point.
Peugeot spare key - DavidHM
1) A breaker's yard is probably the only way. Try or

2) and 3) Speak to your Peugeot dealer. They will be able to help you - I am sure it is not a unique occurrence. However, there may be independent specialists who will be cheaper; I cannot think of any at the moment but I am sure someone will be along who can help.
Peugeot spare key - Armitage Shanks{P}
I have a 'X' reg Peugeot, bought from a dealer but not very well handed over! So far as I know you should have a 4 figure radio code and any dealer should give you that if you quote VIN number and provide proof of ownership (V5). Either that or an auto-electrician might be able to decode it for you; I know it is easy for a mobile phone!

You should also have a credit sized 'Peugeot' card with a key symbol in the bottom left corner and a code under a scratch surface carrying 'security' all over it. This contains information for reprogramming the alarm and immobiliser systems.

My Key number is actually 4 letters and 7 numbers and I do not think you will get too far with having anything changed without going to a dealer. There has been comment before, on this site, that locksmiths can programme keys, but I am not sure just what they can and can't do.
Peugeot spare key - Andrew-T
BobbyG is right - did you buy the car in a pub? A Peugeot dealer should give you a radio code and a key code for the vehicle with the Reg.No. or VIN you specify, though for obvious reasons they may ask for some evidence of ownership first.

Another website: . Also try Google.
Peugeot spare key - quietman
hi guys. I understand your comments but it was not bought in a pub. It was bought from a trader in Newcastle who specialises in moving high milage cars that are only a few years old. The trader has quite a good rep so had no concern about problems and to be honest the car has no probs. apart from these . Its easy with hindsight but as I have never previously had a car with this type of locking / security I didn't give it too much thought as I assumed I would get 2 keys. I obviously knew about the parcel shelf which did not give me too much concern. The previouls registered owner was a leasing company and, as it has almost full documentation (excluding codes etc)and service details, I had hoped that they would have the details on file but it appears not. Looks like I am going to have to go to a Peugeot dealer when I get the log book back from the DVLC.
Anyway thanks for your help
Peugeot spare key - Kimion
Most central locking peugeots only come with one remote key and one spare door key.

You can get the radio code for between £15-£25 from most car audio places or your local dealer
Peugeot spare key - Fullchat
I too bought a 406 direct from the leasing company. It would seem to be a common problem and that providing the car comes back with a key to start it the leasing company are none to fussed.
The car will be required to be taken to a dealer.

Plip unit(thats the part of the key that has the buttons) £37.18
Key Blade £16.07
Radio/Access/Key Code £18.00
Code In New Key £24.88

That comes to £112.95 inc VAT!!!!!

I had to order the plip unit and key first as it took a few days to get and then book it into the workshops to code the key. Apparantly they do not do replacement security code cards anymore. Hope that gives you a rough idea.

Peugeot spare key - David Lacey
Spare Audi/VW keys are that just for the key!
Peugeot spare key - aj
Spare key for 2000 VW Passat (key only not remote) from Murray VW in Plymouth:

Key £37.70 + VAT
To code in new key £33.00 + VAT.
Grand total £83.07

The second hand dealer that I bought the car agreed to pay this for me when he could not find any spare key when I took delivery of the vehicle.

I think that the recoding of the transponder will prevent anyone who has the original spare key from driving the car.
Peugeot spare key - David Lacey
Oh, key and plipper, I meant.........
Peugeot spare key - Mike M
While we're all in a confessing mood, I too bought a 406 from a local (non-pug) dealer, ex-lease with only one key. When asked about the second key they said they only passed on what they got - and no, they would not be paying for a second key. However, I did get a computer print-out of the service history and on there was the key code, a 9-digit mix of letters and numbers. There's no radio code as (so I'm told) it is coded to work only work in one car. The local pug dealer wanted the best part of £140 for a new key, the key's programmimg and then to programme the car to accept the key. And all for a spare key - rip off or what!
Peugeot spare key - Aprilia
I agree its crazy - these days you can buy a video recorder and a TV for that!

Try an independent, there are now a few that will code a key. Remember that you are entitled to the code (VW dealer near me has apparently been trying charge people for giving them the code).

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