VW Polo locking modification - bertj
VW's have taken to supplying their new cars with a changed remote control zapping system. My wife's new Polo requires two 'zaps' of the remote to open all the doors and boot; one 'zap' opens the driver's door only. I know it sounds trivial but it can be very irritating when you have a passenger standing in the rain or a boot full of shopping and you think you've pressed the zapper twice!
I know that this is for security - one person returning to the car alone at night, etc.
However she is willing to take the risk and would prefer one zap to open all the doors. As usual VW dealers are very vague about this - they promise to 'check with technical' but we have never got an answer.
I know this modification can be done on a Passat (the computer has to be re-programmed) but does any one know whether it can be done on a Polo please?
Thanks in advance.
VW Polo locking modification - shoei
Yes it can be done, I have had it done on my Golf,Don`t know how long it took as I had it done before delivery.
VW Polo locking modification - Mike200
You can some times do this yourself. You can on the new Mondeo's, the owners manual tells you how.
VW Polo locking modification - Peter D
Ring VW direct ( Goto Web site for technical support Number ) Personnaly I like the dual opening and it stops you from driving around with all the doors unlocked. I would leave it as it is and educate the driver. Regards Peter


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