Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - stevieb
The original head unit in my 1995 Sunny has developed a fault and I\'ve opted for a replacement rather than a fix!! Only problem being I cannot find either holes/gaps anywhere on the dashboard or surrounding facia to gain access to the head unit so I can withdraw it???

Any help greatly appreciated.....no stereo is driving me crazy!!

Cheers all in advance!!
Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - Dynamic Dave
Look around the radio facia. There might be a false panel you have to unclip to gain access to the fixing screws/holes.

btw, I\'ll be moving this thread to the Technical Forum later
Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - Mutterer
Easy when you know how, but needs time,care and patience.

Take out the fag lighter and ashtray.

Remove the trim round the selector lever on an auto (not sure about a manual).

Look at the bottom of the centre switch panel and you will find two screws, one on the right by the lighter and one on the same level on the left. Remove these. This panel should now pull off, but the clips at the top will be tight. Detach the wires (2) from the lighter, detach the plugs from the Hazard, rear fog and HRW switches.

One coffee and several swear words later you need to take off the panel covering the radio and instrument cluster. 2 screws previously hidden by the switch panel already removed,2 more to the right of the steering column and (Ithink) 2 to the left, plus 3 aroung the instrument cluster (these are an absulute pig to get back).

Remove the panel very carefully, remembering the wiring to the switches on the right. There are very stiff clips on the left hand end.

The radio fixings are now obvious, 4 big silver crossheads unscrew these and the unit pulls out.

Care, on mine (a 94) each wire is plugged into the back of the head unit seperately, you will need a wiring diagram or a very careful note of what goes where. The usual mistake is to confuse the two identical blue wires. One is a rear speaker +, the other is the lighting feed from the sidelight circuit.

The usual cause of failure on this unit is the power amp, which can be fixed.

Probably best to throw the whole lot at a professional and wait for the moans. Get him to fit a appropriate multi-plug to the loom so that life is easier in the future.

As you may have realised by now I have had to do this several times (it's a long and very boring story), a long job, but at least you know the the lowlife just can't be nothered to nick it.

By the by a new head unit from Nissan is £972 + VAT (gulp).
Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - stevieb
Cheers mutterer - excellent advice, all I have to do now is devote the remainder of the weekend to pulling the dash apart to resolve!! I've bought an ISO converter from Halfords this afternoon, that promises to connect to the plug that's already on the loom?? Fingers crossed anyhow

Local dealership completely indifferent to even looking at quoting for a replacement, they instead suggested instead a local car audio company would be better suited....thanks a bunch!
Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - Mutterer
My Nissan dealer said exactly the same, but possibly in a more friendly fashion.

The ISA loom probably will not fit the back of the Nissan stereo, but don't hold me to this. I used a local specialist (Bexley Stereo) who fitted a male ISA plug to the main loom, then made up a short loom with a female ISO plug on one end and a Nissan specific connecter on the other. The 2 ISO plugs are then joined and the Nissan connecter goes into the back of the stereo.

If I decide to change the stereo I just have to dump the short loom and plug the male ISO into the back of the head unit.

Clear as mud, but it all works OK.

50 quid cash including putting all the dash back, the connecters cost about £15 of that.

The Haynes manual is quite good at the Dash assembly, and the wiring diagrams at the back are clear and correct. The rest of the manual does contain some amazing errors in other areas.
Faulty Sunny Stereo!! - stevieb
Cheers mutterer - you weren't wrong, the trim is seriously awkward to get off! Head unit withdrawn but the ISO connector that was meant to connect Nissan's loom to the replacement head unit (Panasonic) fits only only the new stereo?? Sounds like retaining the current plugs will be the way to go. Thanks for the time and advice.



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