Peugeot 406 Executive Turbo - MichaelR
Been searching around for a new car to get in about 6 months time, and I really like the look of the 406, especially in Executive trim level with its very high specification.

The only snag up to now has been the fact that the quoted figures show the car as being very slow - the 1.9TD is infact 4 seconds slower to 60 than my Xantia TD. However, I have now found the 2.0 Turbo, which apparantly takes 9.1 seconds (Source: UK car), and is Group 13, which should make it easier considering I'll be almost 20 when I plan to buy.

Has anyone ever owned a 406, especially this model, and what did they think? Whats the economy like? Is it going to be a huge shock coming from a 1.9TD Xantia? I'm intending doing quite a bit less than my current 10k annual mileage while at uni, so that won't be *to* much of a problem. Any comments on reliability?

What age would I be looking at getting for £3.5k or under at auction? 99T perhaps? I've seen S reg ones on Autotrader for as little as £3k.

I'm told Peugeots figures are unreliable. Where can I find accurate, indepedant performance figures for the 406 range?

Is it worth considering or should I just go back to the predictable but safe idea of a 1.9TD Xantia SX, on a S plate? My priorities are high equipment levels (I love toys) and reasonable performance.

Otherwise, what about the Xantia Activa Turbo? I love my Xantia (It's just a bit old now, at 94M) and if it were not due to reliability concerns about the even-more-complex suspension, an Activa would be top of my list. Is it likely to be more likely to go wrong than my current 1.9TD, which in the last 12 months has needed only service items and a height corrector (touch wood)?

Ta :)

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