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I'd appreciate some advice on which car to replace my MK2 Focus estate that is on it's last legs.

My requirements: Similar size to Focus estate. 8000 miles per year, 10 miles a day commuting, the rest 50/50 urban/motorway. Will keep the car for at least 5 years. Not looking for toys or enjoyment, price and reliability is most important, so been looking at Japanese & Korean. The Honda Civic estate was first choice, but there's limited choice and therefore a premium, so boiled it down to the Kia Ceed and Toyota Auris.

I've found these that both have Full Service History and registered in October 2015, so I assume the Kia has 3+ years warranty left and the Toyota 1+ year.
The Kia is thirster and has higher car tax, so over 5 years I estimate the total cost (purchase+fuel+tax) will be roughly similar excluding servicing & repairs.

Auris Sport 1.2T Business Edition 5dr
£9,500 - 40,500miles - VED: £30 - Real MPG: 46

Ceed 1.4 98 SR7 5dr
£8'500 - 35,000miles - VED: £155 - Real MPG:38 - Registered: Oct 2015

What would you advise? More toys to go wrong on the Toyota? At £1.20 a litre, the cost of fueling them for a year only differs by £200 (based on the Real MPG).

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To maintain warranty on both, check the main dealer services. The Kia is a 2nd service... ie: years 2 4 and 6. check the price at a Kia main dealers.

Do the same for toyota...

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I'd favour the Toyota out of your 2 choices, but the reason has nothing to do with price, running costs or reliability. To me it would boil down to driveability.

The Kia has 98bhp, the Toyota has 114bhp. That may not seem like a big difference, but the Kia has a n/a 1.4 while the Toyota has a turbocharged 1.2, so the important figure, given these are both estates, is torque, and at what engine speed it is produced. Here the difference is much bigger, with the kia mustering 147nm @ 4200rpm compared to the Toyota's 185nm from 1500-4000rpm.

Even if you are not a fast driver, i suspect the Kia would very quickly become frustrating and tiresome to drive, constantly thrashing it just to keep up. And because you could drive the Toyota much more gently for the equivalent performance, the economy is likely to be much better.

For this reason, it would be the Toyota, no contest.

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I've had both as hire cars, and would put my money on the Kia (or the Hyundai i30, which is fairly closely related to the Kia).

The Auris was ok, but I wasn't that keen on the 1.2T engine which felt a bit awkward to drive at what I'd consider a 'normal' speed, seeming to need many more gear changes compared to other small capacity turbos such as VWs 1.2TSI or the Ford 1.0 ecoboost. It was much better pootling along at grandad speed or being completely thrashed - neither of which I'd want to do day to day. The other negative for me was a large blue display in the middle of the dashboard which didn't seem to dim with the other dashboard lights and I found very distracting.

The Kia certainly wasn't fast, and was fairly short geared so doing over 3000rpm on the motorway. However for town driving and when on the motorway with some music to listen to on the radio to distract me from the engine revving much higher that we're now used to, I found it a perfectly pleasant drive and not really lacking.

Economy wise, I got low 40s mpg in both on reasonably long runs, so no huge difference for me.

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I’d favour the Toyota too. It’s better made, resists rot better, has a great reputation for reliability and the 1.2 turbo is much stronger than the rather underpowered 1.4 in this particular Cee’d. Plus there’s always demand for a used Toyota Estate and the Auris is quite a handsome little load lugger which does it no harm in the resale stakes too. The Cee’d however tends to drop off a cliff after that excellent 7yr warranty runs out.

Remember to verify that any car you’re looking at has a full main dealer service history or that 5yr warranty is gone. Ignore any salesman who tells you otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to claim without a complete dealer history. It’s worth paying a bit extra for a good approved used example from a Toyota dealer too as they hold the best stock.

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How convenient to you are the respective dealers & what sort of reputation do they have?

You don't have to have the car serviced by a dealer to maintain the warranty but it will have to have been serviced according to the manufacturer's schedule & with parts of equal or better spec. & have all the paperwork to prove that should you require to call on the warranty.

The Toyota warranty can be extended for reasonable amounts (especially if they have a 2 years for the price of 1 offer on) if you are that way inclined & includes Toyota Roadside Assistance (provided currently by the AA).

At 5 years old the Toyota will become eligible for Toyota Essential Care servicing which is quite competitive & is designed to keep older cars serviced in the dealer network.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports - Which 2015 Petrol Estate? - Auris or Ceed? - jimbob101

Thanks all for the advice, I wasn't expecting so many responses.

I'm now inclined to go for the Toyota. I found a 1.2 on the Toyota Approved Used website, but it's 100+ miles away, I'll check if delivery is available.. I'll also call Toyota to check if the car at the independent is still covered by warranty and will having a look at this weekend.

Will let you know how I get on.

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Think I'd broaden my range of cars to see what else is around for the money you are going to spend. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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