Hand Signals? - Flat in Fifth
Thread tangential to the advanced driving thread from Leif.

Typical situation I'm thinking of is,

Approaching a junction where you intend to turn left onto a minor road. As there is a vehicle waiting to emerge from the side turning you have signalled left with the indicators.

The other driver continues to wait to be sure you *are* going to turn left.

For the purposes of the discussion let us assume there is no other traffic about.

What do the panel think about using hand signals to increase the amount of information one gives to other drivers? eg in this case what about; establish eye contact; left hand extended, palm forwards, fingers pointing left?

Hand Signals? - terryb
Or using the old highway code signal to an officer on point duty? (Right arm extended to the left across chest)?

Hand Signals? - self righteous old git
More use than the only hand signals seen nowadays - index and middle fingers extended, the others flexed, palm inwards.
Hand Signals? - Harmattan
As maybe one of the few people reading this board who actually has to use hand signals fairly regularly, I would be reluctant to see any new confusion introduced. No idea if they are still taught but there is/was a recognised left turn signal for the driver. In practice though I find that any 'proper' hand signal seems to be put your average motorist even more on alert, perhaps because they are not sure what it means. They usually drop further back if behind so that suits me anyway since 1930s rear end crash protection was a bit lacking. I do encourage front seat passengers to signal as well, however, on left turns.

From the other perspective, I will wait until I am convinced the car signalling left into my road is obviously slowing and then might (only might) make my own move. If it is something fairly wide and tall that might mask a motorcycle or small car, I'd rather wait.
Hand Signals? - RichardW
I used to do this, but it never made any difference - other drives still just waited until you were going round the corner, so I don't bother any more.

Hand Signals? - Morris Ox
I'm probably like you, FiF: I wait until someone actually turns into a junction even if they have a signal showing an intention to.

Evennso, I'd steer clear of additional hand signals. They're to open to misinterpretation, and if I was the person in the junction I'd rather be sure myself that the road was clear than take the word of someone in a different position to me.
Hand Signals? - matt35 {P}

I have to turn right into my street off a busy road - if there is a car parked opposite my turn, following traffic might think I am signalling to pass the parked car - down window and arm out lets them know I am slowing to turn right.
The only thing you safely learn from an indicator these days is that the bulb is working!

Hand Signals? - Galaxy
Depending upon the exact circumstances I might "Flash" the driver waiting to emerge. However, once again, this can very easily be misinterpreted.

It is very unlikely that I would give a hand signal.

Hand Signals? - Clanger
Don't think anyone would have a clue what you were trying to do.

Probably would think you had just slapped the navigator.


Hand Signals? - Obsolete
Some people seem to flash lights but it can be misinterpreted. I agree that a left signal is insufficient as the driver might intend to turn at the *next* junction, or might have left his indicator on from an earlier manouevre.

To be honest it is not even worth taking the risk that a hand signal has a given meaning since most people don't know them. Even sticking an arm out the window can just mean the driver is 'playing with the air-flow'. He likes the feel of the wind on his hand. Really. It happens.

Even emerging from a junction if the oncoming vehicle is definitely turning left is risky. Some plonker behind them, seeing the car slow, will choose to do an overtake.

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