japanese parts - pete t
Having popped into the local branch of german and swedish to get a couple of bits for me, the old man was sufficiently impressed with them that he asked me if I know any similar suppliers of parts for japanese cars - nissan especially.
Of course I don't know any as I don't drive a jap car. But I know a man/backroom that might. Feel sure I've seen this come up before, and tried a quick search but didn't find anything. So, if anybody has any suggestions, or better recommendations.....

Many thanks
japanese parts - lezebre
A recommendation - but maybe not quite what you're after because they are suppliers of guaranteed used parts. www.japparts.com/ Haven't tried their mail order service because we are local, but it is very well established. Btw I've heard that although they are in a much bigger league than the traditional breaker's yard - they also are importers from Japan - it is still worth haggling on their quoted price.
japanese parts - Aprilia
Try Blueprint for general engine/chassis parts. BBA-Reman for electical/electronic parts.
You shouldn't need many non-service parts on most Japanese cars though
japanese parts - bafta
Pete, where are you situated? I know of several although they may not be in your area. Also, I have used a mail order supplier of secondhand parts who was good.

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