VW Coolant Problem - LR1
Hi, hope someone can help.

I\'ve got a GOLF 2000 GT TDI (115).

A few days ago i noticed on my dashboard telling me to check the collant level, which i did. I\'ve topped up the coolant level, but i\'m still getting a flashing light with the same message. The temperature gauge is in the middle, where it should be.

Any ideas what can be causing this?

VW Coolant Problem - martin
I have had similar problems with my Passat, althougth they tended to be intermittent and disappear after some time. I will consult my Haynes manual anyway and see what it says regarding your Coolant light. I suspect it is a faulty sensor somewhere!
VW Coolant Problem - LR1
Thanks for that. Also, i've now noticed that the level of the coolant drops after just a few miles of driving. Sometimes what happens is although it looks like all the coolant has leaked, if i open the container, as the pressure is released the coolant level actually rises.

Any advice would be appreciated.

VW Coolant Problem - Peter D
If the level drop is more that about 1 cm I suspect you have a minor head gasket leak which is over pressurising the cooling system and inflating the hoses, thus the level drops. You could re-tighten the head but you will have to be sure it has stopped it as the steam generated in the cylinder get blasted out through the pin hole and errodes the head. Regards Peter
VW Coolant Problem - LR1
Thank for the advice. I'll definitely look into it.
VW Coolant Problem - pdc {P}
I definately would look into it. Last November my Golf Mk IV 1.6 SE (140,000 miles) had a similar problem. I took it to my local dealer and they said that they thought it could be a faulty sensor. As the car was booked in for it\'s MOT the following week I decided to wait until then for them to do a more detailed investigation. Meanwhile I was advised to keep an eye on the coolant level.

It had it\'s MOT and they were still non-the-wiser. That night I was on the M6 at midnight, in the pouring rain, when the warning light and alarm came on again. I decided to ignore it, until the theremometer shot to the red and then straight back down to 0. This was followed by the oil warning light coming on, and a loss of acceleration. As I was just 1 mile from Knutsofrd services, and knowing nothing about car engines, I decided to press on using the speed that I had behind me to get there.

I just made it onto the car park when the power steering failed and the car cut out.

I was recovered to home and then the next day the recovery company took me to my local dealer. The head gasket had blown. They estimated about £600 to repair the car. As I had recently spent about £2000 on a new gearbox, and due to its age and high mileage, I really had to think about the viability of having it repaired.

When they offered £3500 for the car, worn out engine and all, in part ex for a brand new, pre-registered Passat 2.0 Sport with extras (sunroof, climatron, weather pack, leather interior) at just £15,000 I snapped their hand off. The sales rep later told me that it had cost them close to £2000 to repair before selling on.

Swearing edited/deleted. The swear filter does work without the need for you to test it!!! DD.
VW Coolant Problem - LR1
I've got it booked in at VW for this Wednesday, so will have to wait for their verdict. Hopefully, it wont be as serious as your nightmare.

The coolant doesn't actually leak however, it's simply rises to its original level once the top is opened and pressure is released. Very strange.

Did you find out what the problem actually was initially?
VW Coolant Problem - Peter D
I glad you listening because this can be expensive. Assuming you do not have a delaminated cooling hose somewhere I strongly suspect you have acompression leak into a waterway. The pressure build up in the system until the releave valves limits the build up but the increased pressure in depressing the water. Been here several time, yes even with no coolant loss what so ever. The garage should put the approved pressure tester on the header tank and on holding the car a 2500 rpm they will see the pressure rise even when the water is up to temp. Thsy can also use a gas analyser to detect the fumes in the header tank. Good Luck. Peter
VW Coolant Problem - pdc {P}
I never found out what the initial problem was, but there was obviously one there somewhere. The coolant was obviously leaking somewhere. After the event the small amount of oil that was left was emulsified with water, but I guess that would have happened when the head gasket blew.
VW Coolant Problem - LR1
Guess i'll just have to wait and see what VW say.
VW Coolant Problem - LR1
Just thought i'd update the guys who offered a few suggestions previously. The problem was air in the system and a leaking radiator. All working well now.

Thanks for the advice.

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