Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - Trisha TR
The wife is likely to take a job where the Company Car would have to be either a Passat, Vectra or Mondeo and very likely of the diesel persuasion.

The one she'd prefer is the Mazda 6.... which is slightly incompatible with the list!! (but she'll be 'discussing' this in an attempt to change things)

Assuming the Mazda remains out of reach what are the opinions/experiences you have of these cars. Also as a pointer the Vectra is currently running a poor 3rd on account that's it's sooooo hideously ugly (her opinion and one that I agree with!)
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - DavidHM
Passat for solidity, Mondeo for fun, Vectra for being laughed at...

Assuming the budget stretches to the 130 bhp Passat, I'd go for that for solidity, reliability and economy. The Mondeo TDci has a bit of a dubious reputation. On the other hand, if it's the 100 bhp Passat then the Mondeo has at least 115, and maybe 130 bhp for the same money, and it handles *way* better, so as it's the company's money on the line for fuel and servicing, that would be a good choice too.

Actually the Vectra's not nearly as bad as the old one but I still wouldn't.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - andymc {P}
I tend to worry about quality rather than badges, but I can say that if image (presence in the company/customer's car park) is a factor then definitely go for the Passat. Since I acquired my used one a few weeks back, I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of oohs and aahs from friends & colleagues.

So - being objective, I can say that mine has 90k miles on it and still feels quite solid, but is not as capable on B-roads as I would like. If your wife's going to be cruising up & down m-ways then the handling won't be a major consideration. I bought mine approved-used & had the rear shocks replaced FOC after I found the car too bouncy on the rough country roads where I live. It's got the 110 bhp TDi engine which is quite refined - inaudible when cruising. I expected it to be too slow, but it's more flexible than I anticipated, especially for a car this size - the fact that it reacts when I hoof it in fifth was a pleasant surprise. The 130 bhp engine should be fine, but avoid 100 bhp. As I cover above-average mileage (around 24k pa) comfort is very important to me and the Passat is definitely one of the most comfortable cars I've been in.

I came from driving an old-shape BMW 525 TD which was 3 years older than the Passat, and although the 5 handled a lot better, the Passat has the edge in terms of comfort, engine flexibility and fuel economy. The BMW had the more pleasant-sounding engine, but that was a six cylinder engine rather than the 4 pot in the VW. So, overall I'm happier with the VW - it just isn't very exciting to drive.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
If a 100bhp Passat comes at the right price , don't sneer at it.
I've run my 2001 estate for 26K over the last year and have never noticed a lack of performance. Even on French autoroutes with two pushbikes strapped to the rear there is plenty of acceleration available climbing hills at 130kph in high temperatures.The only problems have been service items with the VW dealer. Tyre wear out fast as well.
I get 45mpg overall btw.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - Dave E
I have a Mondeo, albeit petrol, great car. I have driven the Passat PD130, loads of oomph. But the Passat is not very comfortable, the front seats are awful and the rear are even worse. IMHO the Passat has an old bloke-ish image and as already mentioned, VW's build quality is built on myth. The Vectra, I have sat in one and that is as far as it got.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - Dynamic Dave
Well I'm gonna be in the minority and suggest the Vectra. But then that could be because I am Vauxhall biased and also don't consider them to be half as bad as most people make out.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - ndbw
Could not agree more,I wonder what sort of band wagon some of the detractors of the Vectra are jumping on.

Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - mlj
The Vectra has a relatively old and less efficient engine. It will be replaced but not until next year. The Vectra is not a bad car, the other two are simply better.
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - andymc {P}
Have to say that I agree with HJ here - in spite of my own choice (paid out of my own pocket), if I was looking at a new one whose residuals weren't a factor I'd probably pick the Mondeo of the three choices here. Still, for diesels I'd be even more likely to go for an Audi Quattro or a BMW, if money was no object. Mazda 6 a possibility?
Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - vercin

I've only driven petrol versions but i am now a Mondeo fan. The VW I loathed the handling. I happen to be a serial Vaux. hater.

If it is not you wifes money and residuals not an issue then I say Ford. hope that helps


Mondeo v Passat v Vectra - oldtoffee
Yesterday, I drove a Mondeo TDCi (130) (we've just swapped from 2 Avensis diesels on the company). I run my own car a (2000MY, 63K miles) Passat TDi PD (115 chipped to 140bhp).

The Mondeo is a much better drive than than the Passat. It's quicker than my Passat. It's quieter and much smoother through the rev range. It handles superbly and very confidently, wipes the floor with the Passat. If it's a company car and your wife doesn't have any hang ups about the blue oval, it's no contest IMO. Things I don't like about the Mondeo - door mirrors seem to small, stereo quality a bit average, view when reversing not too clever, cabin quality not up to Passat but still fine.

The Vectra - I agree!

Mazda - nice car - best looking of the lot, the lights make it look like a Lexus I think. Some criticisms about road noise would make me check that aspect out.

I've been thinking about selling my Passat and opting back in to the company scheme and now having driven the Mondeo I'm even more inclined to do it.

Mondeo v Passat v VECTRA - Marc
Has anyone using the back room actually got a new Vectra who can give an objective review of it? I notice HJ is still waiting for a test drive according to the breakdown.

It seems to come in for a fair bit of criticism here but is that just because it is a Vauxhall? I personally think it looks quite smart. I run a new shape Mondeo and have recently seen the brochure for the new Vectra and am going to consider a 2.2 Elegance. I notice What Car named it best family car over the Mondeo last year (recently usurped by the new Avensis)
Mondeo v Passat v VECTRA - jud
Skoda was once the marque to laugh at, now the badge is still a guarantee for depreciation, but the cars are not funny anymore. So it seams folk have found Vauxhall as the new target with Ford as a close second.
Mondeo v Passat v VECTRA - Dan J
Took a 2.2 Diesel SXi (new model) Vectra out whilst my own 2001MY 2.2 petrol was being serviced. From my brief drive the car feels a great deal more stable on the road. Much less of a tendency to understeer - more on a par with the new Mondeo.

It's also much bigger than the outgoing Vectra and really feels so on the inside. Feels better built as well.

From previous car and dealer experience I will not be buying another Vauxhall but I do have to admit the car is a significant improvement. I think it is competing reasonably well in it's market.
Mondeo v Passat v VECTRA - Morris Ox
Haven't got a new Vectra but have driven one (again, a 2.2). The verdict is that it's quite a large car (the platform will see service in a variety of guises, so that's no surprise), very well screwed together if strangely dour inside (hints of an Audi in some ways), but vivid performance (I've got a lot of time for the 2.2 generally).

Nagging feeling again that it has simply tried to ape best-in-class standards rather than set any new ones. But where you could comfortably slag off the old Vectra for being a cynical repackaging of the Cavalier format, you have to hand it to GM this time that it is on the money in most areas.

None of these cars are genuine driver's cars; that's not what they're designed for. The Passat is getting on a bit now but still displays the core values that every other car has sought to emulate (size, solidity, upmarket values), the Mondeo is pleasing but a chip off the same block, the Vectra at least has a slightly more chiselled appearance. You can't really go wrong with any of them, though I think the Ford and the Vauxhall are comfortably ahead of the VW now in terms of the ride-handling compromise. When you look at the standards being achieved here these days we really are being spoiled.
Mondeo v Passat v VECTRA - Aprilia
I have driven a number of new Vectras - no diesels though.

They drive nicely enough but I really didn't like the external styling and the interior was not at all to my taste, very dour and lacking in design flair. I also don't like the indicator cancelling system.

I would not entertain spending my own money on one of these. The Mondeo is much much nicer to look at and sit in, and a bit better to drive too IMHO.

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