Starter motor prob? - CM
I am not sure if I should be concerned or not so would appreciate any advice that you might have.

My wife\'s Golf Mk3 1.6 is to my untechnical mind being a bit funny. When you turn the ignition, everything seems a bit asmatic and doesn\'t seem to know whether it wants to fire up (or rather turn over)or not. There seems to be a second or so before anything happens.

However it has started up everytime so far
Starter motor prob? - Gen
I'd just check all the connections and if looks okay just see it as a characteristic. Starter motor a little expensive to change just in case (in my view). Oh, and check your AA etc membership is up to date.
Starter motor prob? - Rob the Bus
I'd go along with what Gen says. But it may also be that the battery isn't getting enough charge so the alternator might need checking.
Starter motor prob? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
A problem we see often is the earth wire from the battery where it bolts onto the gearbox corrodes.It looks ok visually but may not be making good contact.If it is suspect unbolt it and clean everything up, cover in Vaseline and bolt up tight, however, be warned that if the terminal bolt is badly corroded it may shear and the earth wire will have to be extended to an adjacent point. You do not say if the car is fuel injected but if so we have seen several ECUs destroyed by this earth failure.

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