M62 Junction 8 SPECS System - Jonathan
Dear all

I have spoken to Cheshire Police Motorway Division (01244 612740). They confirmed that the new gantry poles are for the SPECS system which will be installed. I inquired whether they would be a permanant fixture, the reply was that they would only be there for the duration of the roadworks.

I also contacted the Highways Agency (again). This time they said that they will get back to me. I will keep you posted, hopefully the two organisations are talking and will give the same answer.

Looks like I will be driving through Warrington town centre now. Much safer than the motorway, less children.

Re: M62 Junction 8 SPECS System - Mark
Hi Jonathan

thanks for getting this info confirmed

as ever

Re: M62 Junction 8 SPECS System - Rob Fleming
If the SPECS system continues to operate after the roadworks have gone, any prosecution could be defeated. s78 of PACE provides a defence to criminal proceedings where the 'evidence was obtained unfairly'. The magistrate/judge can throw the case out if unfairness is established. Deception by the police gives a strong case.


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