GM/Vauxhall Quad Driver Module - D-8valve

I have got a corsa round that is showing the error code 93 which shows up as the Quad Driver Module. Ive read around what I can of what this actually does - anybody have any experience of these going faulty (what the fault could be etc...) and the sort of expense involved in having it repaired/replaced??

Any comments of help appreciated.
GM/Vauxhall Quad Driver Module - David Davies
Suggest you first have the engine management ECU tested by a branch of ATP. You do not give the age of your Corsa,if it is fairly new there may still be warranty on this problem.Are there any other noticeable faults and is the engine management fault light on?

David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
GM/Vauxhall Quad Driver Module - D-8valve
Apologies for the delay in replying...

The corsa is an N registered 1400 16v. There are no other noticeable faults, and the engine management light does come on- im told about 5 minutes into the first drive of the day, but does not re-appear. The fault code displayed is 93.


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