Fuel Injection - todi777
Have a nissan pulsar with fuel injection. Seems when I start her in the morning and drive, it is fine. I turn it off and go do what I need to do and get back in the car, she won\'t start. Sounds like she is flooded. A friend told me to try to use a pair of vice grips to pinch the fuel line, go and start it, once she starts take the grips off. It has worked for me, but can\'t seem to figure what the problem is. I know I should probably take it to a shop and have it worked on, but if it is something that isn\'t major, thought maybe I could do it myself. Sounds to me like the fuel isn\'t shuting off when I turn the car off, or it keeps fuel in the lines or something like that. I can let it sit for a few hours and then she will start again. So can you give me some advise? Would appreciate anything you can say to help.

Fuel Injection - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
As this is a Pulsar I assume it is an imported car? I don't work on imports as a rule but I seem to remember that they have a strange system which keeps the engine running even with the key out until certain conditions are met. Whether this is running until up to a defined temp or vice-versa to prevent the turbo from cooking I don't know. It may well be a kind of flooding problem caused by shutting the engine off before warm and is a common problem with modern engines as the excess fuel washes the oil from the rings and causes a loss of compresion. Does the engine not start after a proper run, say 5 miles or is it any time you restart after a short stop?
Perhaps Mr Lucas may be able to shed light on the automatic shut off system.

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Fuel Injection - Peter D
Is the engine warm/hot when you turn it off. How long has it been running whrn you turn it off. Peter
Fuel Injection - Gazza
Hi Andrew,

I believe I have the same problem as well, with loss of compression due to oil being washed off. It only happens on first start in very cold mornings. Any subsequent start-ups, whether is 5 minutes or 3 hours later, are fine.

Is there any cure to oil being washed off problem? Different oil? Different software to run less excess fuel? Different fuel?

I'm currently using Chevron 5w40 SJ/CF fully syn. and I heard Castrol Magnetic is better because the oil sticks to the wall better ("magnetic" effect?). Is Castrol better then?

Fuel Injection - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Gazza, do you mean that if you start then stop the engine it won't restart or just wont start full stop?

Fuel Injection - Gazza
It always starts but sometimes it will not run on its own. I need to blip the throttle to keep it running for (almost always) one to two seconds. Most times it starts without throttle and rise straight to 1000rpm.

It only does this around 1 in 50 starts and only when starting first thing in the morning and in extremely cold/wet weather.

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