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I have bought Mazda 3 with halogen lights, a brought it home from the dealer today.

It was a bit rainy on the way home.

When I parked it in the garage, I saw condensation on both headlights after 10 minutes, maybe half of the headlight (bottom up). After 3 hours now, the condensation in still present, lower (maybe 1-2 cm), but still present. I have driven a number of Mazdas in the past (626, first 6, second 6, and the 2004. 3), and none of them had this issue. None of the other cars we have in the company had this issue - Citroen, Fiat, Honda, Toyota.

Any other with the same issue? Maybe someone with solution?

I intend to go to the dealership tomorrow, and claim this under warranty.

Mazda 3 - Brand new Mazda 3 2016 headlight condensation - Wukl

When I was manoeuvering last night to get in my drive I noticed the headlights of a new Audi were partially misted, as you say bottom up to about a third. Looking back a my own car, there was a small patch in each headlight, and the foglights. There are a number of cars up our road (including SWMBO) with heavy condensation of front or rear screens. I think it's just been exceptionally moist air (down here in the south, at least) recently with some sunshine that builds up heat behind glass during the day, encourageing condensation. Might be worth seeing if other cars up your road are similarly affected, and wait until the weather dries-out or warms up. That could be a wait though... :)


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