About Time Too! - Steve S
From today's Times

"Sir, You report (March 5) that ?The Government is to analyse thousands of crashes involving heavy lorries to discover why they are involved in so many crashes on Britain?s motorway network.?
Why bother? Any motorway user can tell the Government that they are driven suicidally close to the vehicle in front."

Given the (on average) more serious consequences when lorries are involved this can't come soon enough - let's hope no "political correctness" gets in the way of a thorough look at the role of foreign trucks and drivers!

With all respect to the many good companies and individuals there are far too many haulage companies that get away with flouting decent safety - if you doubt it just go to the nearest motorway park and start with a cursery look at the state of many of the tyres.

About Time Too! - CM
Of the 3500 killed on roads every year, how many are killed by trucks/buses? It seems to be that according to government spin, all the 3500 are due to cars.
About Time Too! - Rita
It would be interesting were the government to break-out the figures for foreign-plated lories that were involved in the afore-mentioned accidents.

Accidents caused by left-hand drive vehicles was debated some months ago on this site. Very interesting discussion it was, too.

About Time Too! - Godfrey H {P}
In defence of HGV drivers I have to say the majority are courteuosly and skillfully driven. Now as to light delivery vans thats entirely another matter....
About Time Too! - Dwight Van Driver

...but a survey published last year outlined that mature white van driver was the safest driver on the road.....

About Time Too! - Godfrey H {P}
LOL. You wouldn't be ever so slightly biased would you DVD?
About Time Too! - Miller
I would be suprised if buses contributed to 1% of the 3500 total each year.

Im a loser baby....so why don't you kill me?!
About Time Too! - Citroënian {P}
Did I read a survey this week in the Timesn that trucks are safer around town & country roads, but much more likely to be involved in an accident on the Motorway - and in 8% of which the truck driver can expect to be injured as opposed to most of the poor souls they hit?

I'm sure we've all seen them swerving around onto the hard shoulder and into lane 2 whilst the drivers adjust their radio/mirrors/attire.

And that mature van driver doesn't live near us :-(

About Time Too! - MikeC
To be fair the proportion of truck to cars or the proportion of 'truck mileage' to 'car mileage' would need to be calculated coz from the law of averages you would expect more accidents from trucks if they travel more miles.

It would be interesting to see accident ratios between business/personal travel.

In defence of lorry drivers, they aren't the only roadusers who tailgate - but a lorry would do a lot more damage in a shunt and they take further to stop.


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