1.3 Petrol 2007 - Toyota hard clutch - ulysses

Test drove a Yaris the other week at a dealer's and found the clutch very hard work. Mentioned it to the dealer and he looked into it and found the clutch was worn and seized up. He said he has replaced the entire clutch assebly so I gave it a second test drive. It does feel smoother, but still quite hard work bringing it up to biting point - I had to fight/wrestle with it to hold stop it from popping up every time.

Could there be a way of adjusting it or is it just normal for the Yaris clutch?

It is the 2007 facelift model.

1.3 Petrol 2007 - Toyota hard clutch - TopScot

My other half has a yaris on an 06 plate. Her clutch is pretty hard too but not slipping in anyway, bite point seems fine. It's probably just age as her mileage is low, 47k

1.3 Petrol 2007 - Toyota hard clutch - ulysses

Thanks Ciaran. I tried a couple of other similar Yarises and came to that conclusion, and a neighbour had mentioned it about their Aygo as well. It did feel like the dealer had put a new one in, as it felt better, but just at an odd angle. I'd read stuff about bleeding the hydrolic fluid perhaps but as it had already been completely replaced this might not make a difference. The older yaris was not such a hard clutch, but I liked the improved safety of the newer one.

As I have a disability that affects my legs somwhat, perhaps I should forgo the whole clutch and go for an automatic car, though I don't think the newer Yaris comes in an auto. I could get used to the clutch, but when you're spending £3000, you want to be able to enjoy the car.

How has your wife's car been running otherwise?


1.3 Petrol 2007 - Toyota hard clutch - bolt

it is possible only part of the clutch was replaced as the ones ive been in are only slightly heavier than the earlier Yaris with bite point about the same place

some dealers only replace what they need to (possibly centre plate only) leaving the original dust without cleaning it up and greasing release bearing slide

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1.3 Petrol 2007 - Toyota hard clutch - TopScot

It runs great as all toyotas should. Although I do keep saying to her to stop using supermarket fuels but she can't resist the points!


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