Espace - Dogbreath
Friend of mine just had a major service at 60k miles on his Espace. Bill came to £2,500 plus VAT including new timing belt. Why can't Renault build cars that last?
Espace - No Do$h
That isn't a major service, that's highway robbery! How old is this bejewelled carriage of opulence that so clearly deserves to be coveted at such great cost by Renault-trained technicians?

Oh and in answer to your question; cos that way they sell lots of replacements. Don't ask me why, but people keep buying 'em!
Espace - Mark (RLBS)
2500 quid ! What on earth did he have done ?
Espace - Dave_TD
My Octavia has cost a TOTAL of £2163 to cover ALL the servicing it's had in the last 142,000 miles!
Espace - volvoman
Yes, please enlighten us all so that anyone considering such a purchase can possibly reconsider before it's toooooo late!
Espace - Dogbreath
Apart from the "major" service he had the cam belt? changed
Espace - Morris Ox
Unless there's subframe removal/engine drop to do the belt AND a major component replacement, there's no way that's purely a belt & service.
Espace - Homme van Blanc
AS the previous owner of a Renault I can confirm that ALL the parts fitted by main dealers are gold plated and that includes the Elf oil that they insist on using!
Espace - daryld
..must have had a dashboard lightbuld and heater matrix replaced..!

Sacre bleu!!
Espace - volvoman
Any chance of posting details of the invoice he received here Dogbreath ?
I'm riveted and I don't even own an Espace!
Espace - Flat in Fifth
V: In case you wondered how dealers run up large bills you might like to take a look at this old thread

Espace - volvoman
Thanks FIF - very interesting. In your colleague's case there was an obvious problem of dodgy fault diagnosis but I didn't get that impression from Dogbreath's post. Could £2.5k be the real cost of a scheduled service and cam belt change ? Mate of mine's got an old Espace - I bet he'd be interested to find out the details.
Espace - Dogbreath
Sorry I don't have all the details but will try to get the copy invoice - my mate did mention an engine drop.


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